Those guys you do not understand

The disciple came to the Master and asked him:
 - Master, how many friends to be a man - one or many?
 - It's very simple, - said the Master - Grab me yonder red apple from the top branches.
Pupil looked up and said:
 - But it is highly hanging Teacher I do not get it.
 - Call a friend, let him help you, - replied the Master.
Trainee called another student and stood on his shoulders.
 - I still do not get it, teacher - pupil said upset.
 - You have no more friends? - The teacher smiled.
More disciple called friends who grunting began climbing on each other's shoulders and back, trying to build a human pyramid. But apple hung too high, the pyramid crumbled, and the student was unable to disrupt the coveted apple.
Then the teacher called him to her:
 - Well, you understand how much a person needs friends?
 - Roger, teacher - pupil said, rubbing his bruised side - a person needs to have a lot of friends. That together we would be able to solve any problem.
 - Yes, - Master replied, upset, shaking his head - really, a person needs a lot of friends. To midst of it all a bunch of idiots found at least one intelligent guess that would bring a ladder!


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