And sometimes the stories happen with such a touch of mysticism or something, if you do not know all the information.
In the courtyard the beginning of this century, a young lieutenant came to visit her parents in Kiev. Parents in the country. But still want to eat. He digs in the refrigerator dumplings safely their brews. And, with the thought "A pepper", takes a brand new pepper «Berghoff» and starting the process. There ought to be noted that this is only the beginning of the dishes then appear here and worth, at the time, money rather serious. For a young lieutenant - in any case.
And then he turns this wonderful instrument and suddenly - bang. Sees a crack. Great. And in the family, he had a good tradition.
If something breaks down, then it is connected, as a rule, with him. And if not him, then it's something did not break.
Therefore, quite naturally, the first thought - "horrible". Because such naborchik pulled about a third lieutenant payday. Money for the whole set frankly pathetic. And two days running as a donkey, he is torn capital city in search of a single pepper. And, after all, finds. Puts in place the victim and anyone about the incident without saying, is serving to his part.
In his next visit to the native land, after the introductory part-welcome, there is the following conversation with his mother (see, in that pent up and sleep did not allow):
 - Hey, pepper can be drawn?
 - Well, as you say, Mom. Nanotechnology - a thing, of course, good. However, it is doubtful that they have implemented in the process of making cookware. And what, in fact, the case.
 - Well then, you know, I'm a month and a half ago dropped the pepper. She cracked. Come from the country - a whole. Mystic some.
Think about that the better - say, "Mom, I've been pepper-pitched" and hear the quiet, "Well, son. The next three years do not come home. " Or like this. Like as correct, in fact. But with mysticism.


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