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Another sad story about what kind of country we pissed away. At this time we touch on what was proud of every Soviet citizen. Kosmos.Uchityvaya endless financial flows, protein, arrows on the orbit of Gagarin in the rocket, the crown of the entire Soviet space program - Buran. After the mysterious idea of ​​Nixon to create the shuttle to deliver some cargo into orbit, further exploration of the GRU and the realization that everything is created for military purposes, there was our answer heartless capitalist machine. Meet - the unique aircraft with the mind - Romantic spaceship, but in reality - a transport carrier of weapons of mass destruction. Yes, and they carried loads to Buran into orbit, but this time thought the reusable space shuttle. Inside I will tell you how smart ideas from this all came to the picture below.

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02. As you know, in a race with the United States there is no compromise, so that our response to the space Space Shuttle program was powerful. Of the known differences - the ability to deliver cargo weighing more than the US twin opportunity to put the vehicle with the engine running, which, as I understand it, allows you to sit Buran on runways intended for conventional aircraft. Buran also had a system of emergency rescue crews that the shuttle was not. In general, these differences, there is little related to our subject, but they evoke a sense of pride, including the cost of the project. Buran: R & D - 12, 3 billion rubles, Cap. engineering - 4, 1 billion rubles. Shuttle: the total cost of 1983 to develop and test: $ 17, 8 billion. (As at 1982.)

03. And now themselves Burani. They were built, paradoxically sounds to me, in a residential district of Tushino in Moscow, in Tushino Machine-Building Plant, NPO "Molniya". By the way, from the CB to the quay of the Moskva River passes Street Boat, instead of the usual four to eight lanes rasshyrennaya. Local residents who have experienced expansion, began to call out "Big Shatlovka." Actually, it was the only way to be transported to Baikonur spaceship.

04. Buran has the following dimensions: length - 36 m 4, wingspan - about 24 meters, the height of the ship when it is in the chassis - more than 16 meters, starting weight - 105 tons, the cargo area can accommodate a payload weighing up to 30 tons at take-off, up to 20 tons at landing. Total aircraft and layout was 14. In the form of a flying ship can speak of two ready-made copies, and four full-size mock-ups. All these products have a difficult fate, but still come back to the transport issue.

05. So. When leaving the gates of the ship, which in itself is a vehicle to be the route by land, sea and air to the place of service. The weight of the ship to dismantle the wings is 50 tons. After an extended voyage to the street and straightened his Lodochnaya driven onto the barge. Barge, by the way, not some ordinary and equipped tanks for rainfall (in Moscow many bridges). Of course, do not forget about the secret: it is a military cargo, so it is in the bag. Next in Zhukovsky it driven by a gantry crane PKU-50, raised and mounted on the carrier aircraft VM-T & lt; & lt; Atlas & gt; & gt; (a modified bomber 3M). By the way, in the future, it was supposed to transport the Buran on another national pride - Mriya. On the way to the conquest of space can be everything! Well, dream, and now the bitter truth.

06. Thus, the first Buran still managed to go into space, though offline, but bad luck took him a speedy death. Instead of living in flight, it stood about 17 years in the hangar, was killed in the collapse of the roof of the building. The second instance of the aircraft also took off, true during a single flight he had problems with the engine. Currently it is gathering dust in hangars Baikonur. From layouts - remained a well-known layout in Gorky Park in Moscow. Next layout was the most difficult fate, visited four countries in the world, has a long criminal history, and it is worthy of a separate post, so that while we omit the details. The third and fourth models are in Baikonur, that the fate of one of them and I want to tell you in the form of a photo report.

07. It's about the layout OK-ML-1, he is pictured above. The 90-00h local youth used as a place for drinking beer, the hatch was opened, broken glazing is generally a very deplorable condition. In 2007, according to unverified information was sold to certain commercial structures, and soon it was decided to open the carriage layout Baikonur site to the protected area adjacent to the Museum of the cosmodrome.

08. And here is a quote from the news site:

& lt; & lt; layout decision to use & lt; & lt; Burana & gt; & gt; as a museum exhibit was made after experts of the Federal Space Center & lt; & lt; Baikonur & gt; & gt; It failed to develop an effective scheme of transportation of the ship to the Baikonur museum without spending considerable financial means. In the second half of January, led by the Deputy Director of the FCC & lt; & lt; Baikonur & gt; & gt; Tomchuk VR & lt; & lt; Buran & gt; & gt; It was moved to the museum and is set to open at the site of the museum exposition. Now experts of economic management FCC & lt; & lt; Baikonur & gt; & gt; developed a project to restore the appearance of the ship layout, reconstruction of cabins of Astronauts and the deployment of the exhibition hall in the cargo hold of the ship. & gt; & gt;

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