Space objects visible through amateur telescope

To get excited about astronomy, not necessarily to buy expensive professional to build your own telescope and observatory. Some spectacular space objects can see detail from the window of his apartment in the amateur telescope. I propose to find out what cosmic wonders available to mere mortals.

Orion Nebula. Very bright and spectacular object. The naked eye is perceived as a vague nebula glow, visible with binoculars as a bright cloud. And by the way, the size of the "cloud" is that it would be enough material for about a thousand suns, or more than three hundred million Earths.

The Pleiades star cluster. Located in the constellation Taurus. The Pleiades star around 1000, but with the Earth, of course, not everything can be seen. Blue halo around the star - a nebula, which shipped star cluster. The nebula is visible only around the brightest stars of the Pleiades.

Moon. With the naked eye we would see only a glowing crescent moon. Dark spots - a lunar sea, light areas - hills. It is the sea and the hills form a "smiley face" on the full moon.

The lunar surface. Clearly visible craters. Soviet lunar rover and the American flag is not visible. To see them, you need a giant telescope with a mirror diameter of hundreds of meters - in the world this is no.

Galaxy (or fog) Andromeda - one of the closest galaxies to us. Close - a relative concept: it is about 2, 52 million light-years. Because of the distance we see this galaxy as she was 2, 5 million years ago. Whereas in the world there were no people. As Andromeda looks now really impossible to know.

Learned? Yes, it is Jupiter! And it can also be seen through a telescope. Like Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and many other cosmic objects.

Watch the stars the best in the country, where there are no lights and illumination. While in town you can see many interesting things. Telescope to begin any approach, and then you can go to a professional model. Beginners do not buy the telescope alone, it is better to consult with experienced astronomers. Catch and ask those possible in the opening days of Astronomy (DOA), are held in many cities of Russia. At these events, going to fans of their business, which can tell us about astronomy everything and more, and can be freely look through the telescope.



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