"Boatmen" on the Volga

Hello, dear Yapovtsy! I would like to present to your attention a photo report on a future show, "Galileo".
So there you go!

The plot of transmission was as follows: the athletes involved in powerlifting try to repeat what has depicted in his painting "Barge Haulers on the Volga artist Ilya Repin, created in 1870-1873 years.

Although the boatmen in the painting and 11 were triathletes 8 (some of them will go for two) or 7, 5 for one of them an aunt.

Initially, the athletes shooting in one of the halls of Tushino, where they have demonstrated their abilities in raising the bar, and generally acquainted with the concept of weightlifting or power lifting.

The owner of the hall and one of the "Boatmen»

One of the "boatmen" discussing with the moderator of something there.

Something I have not really a lot of pictures from this part of the survey, so that will limit the overall plan.

All athletes in the photo are not less than the rank of master of sports, some champions of Russia, Europe and the World, and the girl a pair of triples months ago Russia set a record in the bench of the bar lying.

So. go to the most naisvezhayshaya part of filming for this part of the material was shot today with 11-15. All the most recent to Yap)

The shooting took place on the Volga River in Kimry.

Arrival in Kimry. It Predportovaya (or whatever it's called) marketplace.

There we met the evil uncle and the guard would not let first, although an agreement was at the highest level. Apparently, he wanted to show who's boss.

White car Volkswagen car is STS, they brought all Caudle heavyweights and their support group (in the photo are not all seen, some still in the car did not wake up)

Some "haulers" a little closer ...

This is the place where the evil guy popped (his photo is not because the camera refused to shoot))

"We came today to the port, we come today to the port ... We stand open-mouthed ...» ©

The only "Burlachkov»)

So, winning an unequal battle with the evil uncle, we finally went to the port.

The path to the pier. As seen in the photo state of our navigation right now is not a fountain ...

so here ...

Mooring and that there is rusty. I do not know whether or not it goes. If anyone knows the name of the crockery-sion tell, for I am a complete ignoramus in this.

The footbridge leading from the shore to dock. Threatening to cave in under our "frail" Burlak))

As someone who had never been on a ship, everything seemed fine and good. I was in awe of all the stuff in which that does not make sense.

The hatch in the engine room.

Bottom view. And by the way, this lift.

Let us move away from the dock. To be honest, it was quite noticeable the moment of "waste". Just at some point it became clear, that's it! Let us swim!

We sail further. Of course, the photos do not convey all the beauty.

The guys from the crew. Lovely people!

In the background is Chief Zadumschik and holds a jacket with the word "Galileo" on the back.

Yet what is most buoyant thing.

View our tugs from below. At the top is another comrade with CTC.

And here is the engine room in all its glory, and not just what is it hatches!)

Towelie pricked gently hung out to dry. However, I also took pictures of socks, but the photos turned out blurry. (

"Boatmen" acquainted with the size of the barge.

By the way, at first there was an agreement on the draft only barges, but then it happened that I had to pull and tug.

By the way, a displacement of 700t barges + tow slightly less, about 400-500 ...

Nose barge.

What do these letters ...?

Few seagulls to give romance a post.)

Few Burlachkov, to give beauty post.

A little bell to give the post of sonority and on this end, and some in the beginning of the post can not wait.

In general, this whole damn need to drag 8 (or 7, 5 for sexist and misogynist a)

Started distribution of elephants, ie tow rope.

Main haulers. And that will give a major impetus to the barge to the tug. The main burden will fall on them.

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