Russian catch phrases and their origins

Rich and mighty Russian language with its long history. And every era brings to the language something of their own. And we heard expressions that absolutely everybody knows, such as breccia stupidity or cuckold, and everyone knows what they mean, but that's where they went only know one. On the origin of these and other catch phrase later in the article ...

Breccia stupidity

It is an expression of thanks to the Lord appeared schoolboys. The fact that the word "Moros" in Greek just means "stupid." Teachers and students talked negligent when they begin a lesson from ignorance to bear nonsense, "You are carrying Moros". Then the words were rearranged - and it turned out that high-school students from ignorance "nonsense froze".

Big shot

Remember the painting "Barge Haulers on the Volga," as boatmen dragged her with all his might barge? The most difficult and the most important place in the strap - first place Burlaka. He asks the initiative, it sends the rest. Therefore, this place was occupied by the strongest man. That person Burlatskii strap and is called "bump." That means that the "big shot" - it is a great and important man.

Alive Kurilka

In old Russia was a game: all sat in a circle, someone lit a torch - and then it was passed around the circle hands. Thus all present sang the song "Alive, alive and sympathy Boxing is alive, not dead ...". And so the torch is lit. Those who hold the torch died out, lost. Since then, this expression was used to the people, and sometimes things that have long seemed to have disappeared, but continued to exist in spite of everything.

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