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Short stature. Some try to hide it, others try to emphasize this, but in any case, these chips always attract attention. From Snooki to Hilary Duff - these miniature celebrities always look sexy, despite his short stature, which once again proves that more - not always better. Maybe they can not boast of a model growth under two meters, but we love them for what they have.

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1. Snooki. This actress, who became famous after participating in the show "Jersey Shore" is the low-ceilinged girl on our list. Nicole Polizzi aka "Snooky" actively exploiting its image of the heroine, showing all its explosive nature, which compensates for its small stature. This year, they took part in the TV show "Restlermaniya" - something like our "King of the Ring" - and won. So Snooki has proven once again that little hurt not worth it.

2. Natalie Portman. It does not matter whether it is bald or obsessed obsession to play the Black Swan, Natalie Portman always looks sexy. And then the fact that it deals with such complex roles with growth only 159 cm, proves that Portman niskolechko not complex.

3. Kylie Minogue. Tiny, but sultry Kylie Minogue puts all its miniature charms in a very frank dresses on stage. Australian beauty rising only 154 cm, and in their '42 still looks sexy, horosheya from year to year. And although in America Kylie has not reached such a success, both abroad 13 of its singles occupied the leading position in the UK charts. And we do not get tired of admiring sexy, petite singer.

4. Kristen Bell. She investigated the crime of "Veronica Mars", sang in the Broadway musical "marihuanovogo madness" and made us all fall in love with her in the role of Sarah Marshall in the movie "In the span." Oh yeah, she looks great in a bikini. An increase of about 155 cm Kristen is very tiny, but that does not stop her to conquer Hollywood and our hearts.

5. Rachel Bilson. We would gladly watched the TV series "The OC" if only for the sake of time and time again to admire Rachel Bilson. The heroine actress Summer is now on the lips of all the housewives. With his height 157 cm Rachel was the low-ceilinged girl in the cast, but this did not prevent her look as sexy as the other actresses.

6. Scarlett Johansson. Well, that may not like in the Scarlett Johansson? Her height 160 cm, but she is sexy, like no other. In 2006, she posed nude for the cover of the magazine "Vanity Feher", and in 2010 received the title of "baby of the year" by the magazine GQ. And that's it.

7. Eva Longoria. She married NBA star Tony Parker, and even changed her last name. But then divorced again and took her maiden. But what remains the same in beauty from Texas, so it's her appeal. With his height of 155 cm, it makes admire itself, not taking his eyes. Maybe that's her TV series "Desperate Housewives" owes its popularity?

8. Elisha Cuthbert. This she played the role of sexual stripper in the movie "Girl Next Door". Of all Canadian actress Elisha miniature - the undoubted favorite. Even though their meter 62 cm.

9. Kim Kardashian. The photos do not look it, but Kim Kardashian growth only 160 cm., And despite its growth, she meets with NBA player Kris Humphries, whose growth is 206 cm. Look at her, well, she may not like it?

10. Hayden Penneter. And among US participants support teams have their own miniature beauties. Who but Hayden Penneter, the growth of which barely 155 cm, living proof? She is beautiful, slender and has an amazing propensity to choose their guys considerably above it. For example, it is now found in the Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. But who is to judge?

11. Hilary Duff. Oh, Hilary, how quickly you've grown! This actress from Disney films has become a real beauty. And this despite his height 155 cm. In such growth it can hardly miss the ride on most roller coaster, but it does not prevent it to find its niche in Hollywood.

12. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Two - are better than one. They made millions, looks terrific, and all this in spite of its growth in single 155 cm. In terms of - a lot of achievements per square meter. So what, they still we associate mainly with children's movies? Babes have already grown up and become a real beauty.

13. Shakira. Hips Shakira - that is necessary, but the growth disappoint. Do not believe, if Shakira says that its growth 155. The Colombian pop star growth of 150 cm. But despite this, it can be called one of the sexiest women in the world, and you can never say that it is such a small growth.

14. Kourtney Kardashian. Of course, it is not as famous as her sister Kim, but it looks good. Its growth is unlikely to live up to 153 cm. By age she eldest daughter in the family, which further inspires us to admire her appearance.

15. Tila Tequila. As Joe Nichols sings in one of his hits, "Tequila takes off her clothes." Tila Tequila, whose growth is only one and a half meters, generally not very fond of clothes. The petite girl knows sexy and does not try to hide it.

16. Salma Hayek. There is hardly a person who does not like Sama Hayek. Bends his body makes men drool, and this in spite of her height is 158 cm. And today it is as good as it was ten years ago. We never get tired of review episode from the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn", in which Salma dancing with a snake.

17. Nicole Richie. Although Nicole by as much as 18 cm below Paris Hilton, she quickly earned a name for himself, acting in "light of life." Despite his height 155 cm and a very hectic life, she still looks great.



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