Sexual rituals of animals (9 photos)


When it comes to mating, no animals are not so close to the people as the bonobo chimpanzees. These funny monkey - the only animals who prefer to have sex face to face, and with a French kiss. And it's not the only funny thing in their sexual life. In bonobos all social relations are built on sex, so that the ancient Romans in comparison with them - Puritans. Sex is offered as a greeting, as an apology, as well as a way to pay for additional food. And having sexual relations not only between the representatives of the opposite sex - masturbation, mutual masturbation and homosexual noisy games these creatures are not uncommon. Taboo in these monkeys only applies to the sexual relationship between mother and son. Lions

For the conception of lions takes a lot of time and effort. Typical meeting place for mating last for four days from 20 to 40 sex acts a day. That is, for every baby who has lived a year, the mother has to mate three thousand times.


The female clitoris hyenas of the same size and shape as the male penis. And likewise increases with an erection. Female labia resemble a scrotum, consisting of two pads of fatty tissue resembling testicles. Therefore, it is often difficult to distinguish the male from the female hyena. Births to females extreme illness, every tenth female hyena dies in childbirth. The first baby usually dies, as long pants during the passage of the birth canal of the mother. Additionally, hyenas are often produced in pairs and stronger twin kills weaker in the fight for a place under the sun.


The goat reaches puberty to four months of age. At puberty he develops a sharp odor, which enhances goat watering urine belly and beard. When the kid wants to copulation, he licks his penis and drink goat urine, which interested him. Sometimes females arrange sexual games with each other, to excite the male, so that lesbianism is inherent not only nuns and female vospitannitsam guesthouses.


Mating - hard work for giraffes, so males do not spend forces hurl and taste the first female urine to determine whether it is ready to ovulate. If so, the male will chase the female constantly, until she finally did not agree to become sexual partners.


In these spiny creatures rather strange sexual games. The female of some species is ready to mate about 10 hours per year. Before mating, the male gets up on his hind legs and abundantly irrigates female urine. If the female is ready to mate, she informs the male or uttering sounds or shaking himself from urine. Mating lasts about a minute, but sometimes have to porcupines mate over and over again. Some types are paired, even if procreation is impossible.


Penis dolphin called prehensile, able to rotate, and even nominated. In addition, the Dolphins are born with permanent sexual desire and therefore often try to copulate with inanimate objects and other species - sea turtles and even people. But sexual intercourse is very fast - the male is sufficiently 12 seconds.


Think sex - that's what gives birth? Do not have clown fish. These fish live in colonies consisting of a pair of parents and several males. The biggest fish are always female and if the female dies, the male is the largest in the colony changes sex. Simply put, Dad becomes a mother.


For years, scientists have found only females monkfish and found the male did not succeed. Even more strange look in females growths on the sides. Eventually, scientists discovered that these strange growths just is none other than the remnants of parasitic male angler. Males monkfish - tiny creatures lose their own digestive system before mating. One of the varieties of monkfish, Photocorynus Spiniceps, male length of only a quarter of an inch, making it the smallest vertebrate. It is much smaller than the female half a million times. The male bites the female and produces dissolving enzyme tissue to get for a while nutrients. Soon, the male dies, leaving only the build-up, that is a block of milk, ready to fertilize the eggs. If the male is unable to find a female, how and clown fish, he becomes a female and a male is waiting for its parasite.

Krasnobokie snake

Orgies and transvestism seemingly has nothing to do with snakes, but it is not. Krasnobokie snakes gather once a year in Manitoba, Canada, when the female releases pheromones that attract hundreds of males for mating. Sometimes these orgies collect up to 30,000 males competing for the right pairing with a single female. Moreover, the female actually can not be female. Sometimes pheromones released samets- "transsexual" to create snake-coil in order to keep warm.


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