Wife-model Escape Millennium And Other Secrets drug lord "Shorty"

Mexican Altiplano maximum security prison: fortified walls meters thick, is always closed airspace, and the minimum signal level for mobile phones. Everything here is provided to avoid being taken by assault.

Prison and was considered completely inaccessible ... until from her Saturday evening of July 11 have not escaped Shorty.

Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed El Chapo (in Spanish Shorty, 170 cm in height) - the leader of the most powerful and violent drug cartels in the world, "Sinaloa" - was the most wanted criminal after Osama bin Laden, as well as "public enemy number one" after the most Al Capone , "award-winning" because back in the 20s of the last century. And yet, it disappears from under the noses of the authorities for the second time in 14 years

way he looked before:.

However, in comparison with the dashing of his criminal life Shorty shoots may seem "pampering". War for influence with tens of thousands killed, massacres its competitors and at the same time - the image of Robin Hood that Guzman has managed to establish itself, stepping over the bodies on top of criminal glory

. Let us work together with the world's media and photo agency Reuters trace its path.

< «Escape Millennium»

June 11, something around 9pm. Shorty secluded bay in the shower of his cell, where there is no video surveillance, and did not appear. Suspecting something was wrong, the protection breaks there and finds an empty room a hole 10 meters deep and a ladder.

It must have looked something like in past raids on Guzman. Then in one of his houses also found hidden under the bathroom the door to the dungeon.

But now furious power came when they opened at the bottom of a fairly wide, lighted and ventilated tunnel that VIP-perpetrator must have been very comfortable removed out of the "impregnable fortress". Yes, and with a breeze! - A motorcycle, mounted on rails. By the way, the tunnel, apparently, and dug: the rails imported instruments and equipment, land and took out the pile


Authorities later released footage from the camera Shorty. Here it is ...

... But it is not. Video entirety can be viewed here.

Underground creation of engineering geniuses mile-long (1, 6 km) withdrew his pursuers in an unfinished barn on a hill surrounded by pastures. There Shorty a breath, maybe even bite and quietly changed.

Only now the neighbors gossiped police that six months before escaping the barn bought a man who identified himself as a Shepherd (El Pastor). He nataschili materials here, saying it would build a new house. Shed since and has not changed, but the work was in full swing, it is now clear, directly beneath it.

Coincidence or not, but at about the same time on the perimeter of the prison began to hold any communication, say, associated with the reservoir project. Work began over a year ago, but still has some pipes are laid, and the workers have nothing to really explain.

First Escape

In 2001, Joaquin Guzman escaped from another prison, where he had planted 20 years for drug trafficking and murder. There are several versions of how it is done, and the most popular - he drove off in the truck ... the laundry from the laundry. Just know one thing: if he was helped by prison guards themselves. It later emerged that the escape was arranged through bribes and intimidation, and the cost of 2, 5 million dollars, and its organization was attended by about 80 people.

< Capture

For the first time Guzman seized in 1993 in Guatemala, where extradited to Mexico. But the harsh, seemingly turned the sentence for him cheerful holiday. He was right behind the bars provided for bribes complete set of pleasures - cocaine, Viagra (the stories, Shorty actively using it), prostitutes and delicious food. In general, he made out of jail "five star hotel". After the first escape was caught only after 13 years - in February 2014, resulting in a dramatic raid, when he ran a few days by the authorities throughout the state of Sinaloa. Then the police found a home with similar tunnels, is also equipped with ventilation and electricity. And caught Guzman in a modest mnogoetzhke where he calmly bake pancakes his beautiful wife and daughters-twins.

Tunnels and tricks

Under the leadership of the cartel Shorty dug a network of underground tunnels between Mexico and the United States for drug trafficking. These were sturdy, well-equipped design - the handiwork of experienced engineers


But the leader knew that we need other ways, in case of detection of tunnels. So, without thinking twice, he opened a cannery where supposedly rolled in tin Mexican hot peppers, and actually stuffed them cocaine. Thousands of cans were delivered to owners Mexican shops throughout California.

Potion transported by land and sea - in a refrigerated wagons, rybovozah on the container and fishing boats and even submarines! And tons of cocaine traveling by air, because cartel "Sinaloa" has a fleet of "Boeing-747».

When the US government built along the Mexican border a "high-tech" fence, Shorty, proving that all genius is simple, adapted to throw through it with bales of cocaine using conventional catapult.

< The richest drug lord in history

Nimble operation to smuggle drugs into the United States made Guzman not only the most wanted, but also the richest gangster. In 2009, "Forbes" even included it in its list of billionaires, where he fell in 2013 only because it is impossible to keep track of his real condition.

However, he remained in forbsovskom list of most influential people in the world, and ahead of the Presidents of France and Venezuela. What Shorty!

Love under rifle barrels

Now, get to know the current (third or even fourth in a row), the wife of a drug lord: Emma Coronel - a former beauty queen who won one of the Mexican competition in 2007. Shorty he found it in some remote place and brought to the tournament wanting to his bride, according to tradition, the institution in the cartel, certainly had the title of the first beauty.

One wonders if Emma got a crown honestly. Anyway, she went around the other contenders after the town was flooded with hundreds of armed motorcyclists in black led by Shorty. A few months later, the day of her 18th birthday, 54-year-old Guzman married her, rolling her big party.

By the way, many of the media, talking about Emma Coronel, mistakenly published a portrait of another Mexican beauty. Laura Elena Zúñiga Uisar, Miss Sinaloa 2008, which you can see in the photo below, is connected to the boss of another Mexican cartel, and our hero is irrelevant.

Emma gave birth to two daughters Shorty in a hospital near Los Angeles, so the girls automatically become a US citizen. But Guzman was listed as the most wanted criminal in all the documents of the graph "father" and remained unfilled.

And he had a mistress Zulema Hernandez's 20-plus years, sitting as he was in prison. She was released shortly after the first escape Guzman. In 2008, he sent her to one of their cocaine operations, which ended for her terrible death. Zulemu found dead in the trunk, and all over the body were carved the letter Z - a sign of competitors from groups "Setas»

So, Shorty free again and again among the most wanted criminals in the world. For it has been declared a reward of 3, 8 million dollars. But given the past experience and the possibility of a cartel, experts admit that it can never catch.

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