One friend of an elderly lady told a cautionary tale about what each of us can kill a man, do not even pay attention to it, exactly as each of us is able to do this ...
That's the story itself:
 - My father before the war was a renowned cinematographer, traveled and spread all over the Soviet Union, took a lot of documentaries and newsreels that spun in cinemas before the session.
Suddenly, in the 39th - he is young, blooming, he told the authorities that he falls eyesight and could no longer be a cameraman. He retired from the studio and moved away from Moscow Komsomol construction. He worked as a crane operator, then the war, fought on the convoy ship in the Murmansk region. The wound, hospital, after the war, my father moved to Kiev, where he lived the rest of his life.
One day before his death in the 77 th, I asked him:
 - Dad, why are you - a native Muscovite, having a room in a communal, a talented operator - all of a sudden quit, lied, that you sit vision (until the end of the life of the father read without glasses ...), and enlisted in the "North" live in a tent and freeze in an iron crane booth, pouring concrete ...?
Dad looked at me and his face gave way to tears:
 - Daughter, I'll never tell, but then in the 39th, I killed three of any innocent people.
 - What are you Dad !!? It can not be! You could not!
 - I have thought that I could not, as it turned out - he could. I was sent to some landfill instructed to shoot and shot three "enemies of the people».
It was a miserable downtrodden farmers who have decided to put in significant "flow." There was a lot of staff time in various propaganda materials ... and my episode including ...
I could not refuse and refused - took off ... Then I drop everything and go, and a stone on my heart for those three murdered, is still with him ... and I will die.
 - Daddy, God, well, because you're just shooting, killing some of the KGB!
 - Well, how do you not understand my daughter ...!? I loaded the film in the camera, set the tripod, put the exhibition, prepared, launched a camera and I'm the devil take me, said, "Are you ready? STARTED ...! »

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