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All of us in his own way predictors of the future. Every person on the basis of their experience and reasoning can tell which way will humanity, science and technology. I recently came across a small article of 50 years ago in the journal "Technology-Youth". It Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Anatoly Dneprov talks about the future, for us this time. I suggest you back in time and look at the present.

It seems to me that the people of the communist future at a time will be able to achieve much greater scientific, technical and creative success. This means that, say, one year will make a great scientific discovery, decided more technical problems created over outstanding works of art and literature. This increase in productivity of creative labor under communism happens because for labor will create all the necessary conditions, because creativity will draw more and more people.
This increase in productivity of creative labor under communism happens because for labor will create all the necessary conditions, because creativity will draw more and more people.

Frankly, I am personally concerned about the problem today is not very distant future. What will happen in the next 30-50 years? Something about this period one can say with certainty. Of course, successfully solved the problem of interplanetary travel. It is hoped that scientists have mastered the technique of artificial photosynthesis, and mastering thermonuclear sources, mankind will have an abundance of energy for all our needs. Unquestionable and complete comprehensive mechanization and automation of all types of production.
I foresee great progress in the field of biology and medicine. Creation of living cells in the laboratory will be a genuine revolution in science. Its consequences can not be overestimated. Immediate its results - the creation of an abundance of food, control of processes of life, the problem of longevity and the complete elimination of all diseases and ailments.
Peaceful competition of peoples will be the only method of proof, whose economic and social system is better. This competition is itself promises the greatest benefit to mankind. It's the manifest as manifested so far, all the advantages, all the strength of communism.

All this will take place against the backdrop of an unprecedented scientific and technological progress. Soon, thanks to the worldwide system of television in any country of the world can see and hear the transmission of any other country. Jet and rocket aircraft bring together all the nations, and travel to the most remote points of the Earth will take hours and minutes. Gradually develop spans the globe automatic telephone connection. The scientist in Moscow, without leaving your home telephone, it will receive the necessary help from the Library of Congress and its American counterpart will receive an exhaustive answer to the question of the Lenin Library. And who knows, maybe seventh-grader from Kaluga before the exam in a foreign language on the phone to ask his girlfriend in London, how to spell the word «Friendship».
The future seems to me miraculous. But the more beautiful its contours, the more work and effort you need to make to make it real. Fantasy and dream about the future without a fight and work meaningless. How inconspicuous everyday work need to do to build our communist future! How many barriers and obstacles need to be overcome! But we are, of course, will overcome.

And now a few of my thoughts.
Skip "communist future", say only that the prophecy was fulfilled, albeit with some reservations. Over the past half-century the world has made considerable scientific discoveries, create new industries and areas, unprecedented technology 50 years ago. Humanity has gone far ahead. Modern computers have simplified the work of researchers in the many, many times. Developments scientists embody the engineers. With the new technique, scientists deepen their knowledge, make new scientific discoveries. This is reminiscent of recursion. And the process is apparently not stop.
Internet blew up the world. Every literate person using the global network of the brain and can share their thoughts, to become a respected author for a small or large group of people.
Dreams were dreams. Technology allows you to organize the strongest of interplanetary travel (at least to the moon and back), but even on their economy can cope with this task. Yes, computers allow you to automate almost all in production, but control everything without human intervention is not possible. Much depends on the creation of artificial intelligence. Closer and closer, scientists and programmers approach to the creation of artificial intelligence, but to think independently, he still can not.
If advances in medicine can agree, then everything else - is debatable. Man is mortal. Abundance of something corrupts and changes the nature of the human form. With an abundance of food, longevity and eliminate diseases of mankind will grow to unprecedented proportions and destroy the planet for a couple of centuries. Look at the world today. The planet is suffocating and dying of the plague - humanity. And out of this situation it is not visible yet.
For people who caught the end of the 80s of the last century "communist future" reveal all its charms. In the competition of capitalism and communism, determined the winner. Most Communist car broke down, and appeared in the state came more recent enemy, capitalism. Even the creation of a unipolar world led by the United States in the 90's did not bring peace. There was not a day of peace on the planet ever since.
"Jet Aviation and Missile bring together all the nations, and travel to the most remote points of the Earth will take hours and minutes" - the author wrote. At this point, he hit the bull's-eye. From Kiev to Thailand can fly for 10 hours. Today you walk along Khreschatyk and tomorrow swim among the fish in the Andaman Sea. With jets earth ball has become very small.
Another invention of mankind - the Internet - allows you to do many operations in the blink of an eye. Existing services or newly created start-ups have come close to the satisfaction of all human needs. Especially in information retrieval. Today, seventh-grader from Kaluga can check the spelling of any word in seconds. It is enough to have a mobile phone, tablet or computer with Internet access.
As you can see, a dream come true. With an eye on the past, we are approaching the future. Many of today's science fiction, will be commonplace in 50 years. I do not know what will become of humanity, but I hope that everything is in our hands.




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