Hydroponics is in your home

Greetings, dear YaPovtsy.
I'll tell you how I became involved in growing plants hydroponically.
It will not be a lot of pictures and text. When completed - will tell.

It all started with the fact that the future wife brought home two plants. Conventional home flowers. But because they were engaged in it vpadlu, they soon began to dry up and wither. I am a Buddhist soul, I can not look like a living being bad. Even if the plant. I had to take care of green friends. In short - I liked it.

But as they say, "When a man grows a simple Tradescantia, either with the use of high technology, or to feed your iguana».

So Hydroponics - a method of growing plants without soil. The word comes from the Greek. ύδωρ - «water» and πόνος - «work» (literally - "the working solution»).
When grown hydroponically, the plant is not fed back into the soil more or less secured minerals watered with clean water, and in wet-air heavily aerated water, or a solid, but porous, moisture- and vozduhoёmkoy medium promotes root respiration in a limited the space of the pot, and requires relatively frequent (or constant-drip) irrigation working solution of mineral salts, prepared according to the needs of the plant.

In my case, I used the most simple method - Deep Water Culture (DWC). For this I


 - A plastic container with a lid (a few liters)
 - Plastic pots for seedlings
 - Silicone aquarium aerator and air hose
 - Screwdriver and set of circular saws
 - Aquarium compressor
 - Water
 - Prepared for transplanting plants (in my case - peppermint)
 - Plant fertilizer (I used GreenWorld Hydrocultur, bought the garden department of OBI)
 - Concrete block garden (small) We take our capacity. I used an ordinary storage box 7, 5 liters. I bought at the store

REAL, it cost about 100 rubles.

Other view:

We select the diameter of the pot right circular saw and make holes in the lid. The idea is to do not fall into the pot, and was fixed, because its shape conically tapers towards the bottom.

Use tools:

Next, insert the pots inside the cover.
The container set aerator. To the hose does not interfere with the lid closed, do in the wall closer to the top of the hole and threaded it there.

Pour the water with fertilizer.
Connecting the pump-compressor. Now the air enters into solution. This is to ensure that the roots have enough oxygen in the solution. Otherwise, they will die and the plant will die.

We plant our plants in pots. So they kept tightly - use concrete block. It will strengthen the stalk and allow the roots to sprout freely down to the nutrient solution.

Bottom pots for seedlings have special holes. It is through them will sprout roots.

If interested, how to prepare the plant to transplant - I tell you about this separately later.

Here are the roots of this makarom plants will hang in the water.
Below them, "tickles" the air bubbles. Plants like it - they grow well on this =)

Well, a couple of weeks it will look like this:

Or like this:

And this I am preparing a new plant to plant to replace the old (it has already served its). This makes for a rooted cutting.

For this purpose, a glass of water, put the cut with a sharp knife sprig of mint:

After some time on the twig will the roots and can be planted in a pot instead of the old plants:

Of course, I tried to grow other plants.
For example, tomato:

And strawberries, for example:

Or, for example, Clary:

But pizdache all began to grow peppers. Several varieties have tried:

Here is the first pepper, I'm glad I was!

And a couple of weeks:

And another:

As this grows in the apartment or on the balcony (in summer), besides our northern latitudes (little sun), it is necessary to separate coverage.

Test wiring, prepare the installation of the lamp (HPS and ECL):

That it was all in order, he built a cabinet, it is popularly referred to as GrowBox. To reflect the light inside alyufom used. Meaning - to make brighter inside, and the light did not go out (because it prevents residents of the room).

From the balcony window did not close - though some light in the afternoon.

In short, funny pictures ended up on work. At home there is. If it is interesting - then I lay.

I will add one last photo harvest mint. In the background otmanikyurennoe plant. Approximately 3 weeks grow again, you can re-manicure. And so - just 5-6, then I need to plant because the roots grow strongly.

Thank you for attention!
Anyone interested - ask questions. I'll try to answer.



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