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A cap where?

Oh, I did not like me for similarities with real life anecdote: "It is you our Moishe pulled out of the river? And where his hat? »

Went to the most rain on business affairs, he saw his aunt, who has broken umbrella. He stopped, planted podvёz to the subway - and in return received only goat's face, not to the destination. Well I bourgeois RV in the middle of the day just go go, not in a hurry - that I should drop off it with Kuzminok to Novoslobodskaya?

The friend called the hysterical: I do not have time to prepare a lesson in English. I do not mind, she translated six pages, is sitting at work. Found guilty, "Why did not break into paragraphs? In the original, it's different, I'll find the right place? »

Other emergency needed a large sum, but I have only five of them free. I stayed with a feeling as if he had not given him the last of his money, and he has to stay.

Mother working on "fast." Four days ago, we brought an elderly aunt. Cuts at the bus stop, and the two young guys almost half an hour before the arrival of "first" aunt kept on chest compressions, what, in fact, her life and saved. Mother saw them. One had to make a shot - too nervous, the second hand is not raised, and jacket (no shirt!) Soaked with sweat. The aunt had a home havchik eats and compassionate rodstvennichki want to know whether there was a coordinate saviors. No thanks - to shake off treatment: aunt arranged in the rib fracture during resuscitation. Even the assurance that the medical professional would not be so delicate and a couple of broken ribs would for sure do not work ...

People zadolbali! Be men! And to help you - just scared.

Vodyatel hatched from sheep


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