Hunting soup

Today, a hunter will tell us a recipe that is prepared with a minimum set of products, while hiking or hunting.

1.Segodnya I will tell you how to cook soup hunting surnamed shulyum.Chto shulyum exactly is and what it eats ?! You ask my dear druzya.A shulyum - is a rich meat soup with a minimum set of products. The ideal option for field / field kitchen on ohote.Retsepta as such, no, cook it, who as you can, and the fact that there is a rukoy.Edinstvenny minus or plus well, as you have to go to cooking put.I so proceed !!! The first thing you need is mud-bog-everywhere-turn.

2.Nu and all sorts of different equipment, guns, dogs, etc. and etc. (Photo shamelessly steal from tyrneta such a joke on cylinders do not pay attention, well, we still survivalist those on volume snaryagu about the same pile of leaves)

3.I Award in pupenya considered, further, the thicker the duck !!!

4. On the road can meet such a beauty !!! Be vigilant and kept as a rule, such beauty sits under the sign Reserve !!! Photos mystery who sits on the field? Huh? Well, who? Who?


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