So far, the losers!

Created by a good car? Not the fact that it will be sold. A bad the more doomed to failure. Today, we remember the more ambitious American cars, the complete collapse of the victims.

Ford Excursion. The last of the giants
This car was too big even for the United States. He appeared in 1999 and had to compete with the Chevrolet Suburban. Apparently, "fordovtsy" wanted to take the number: Excursion titanic size is based on the F-250 pickup truck series Heavy Duty (more than 3,900 kilograms curb weight - by our standards, it is a truck).
Dry figures: length - 5, 75 meters. Wheelbase - 3, 5 meters: it is more than the length of the Citroen C1! The width and height - over two meters. The maximum number of seats - 10. Curb weight - more than three tons. The weight of the towed trailer - 9 tons! And the amount of luggage, if you add up all the seats except front - 4, 2 cubic meters.

The base engine - V8 of 5, 4 liters capacity of 259 horsepower with a torque of 475 Nm. In addition it also offered ten-(!) Engine Triton (this engine would be better to call Godzilla or Behemoth) of 6, 8 liters (314 horsepower and 576 Nm) and a pair of turbodiesels series PowerStroke V8 - of 6, 0 (330 hp ., 759 Nm), or 7, 3 liters (253 hp, 718 Nm).
However, the dynamics Excursion with V10 was far from the Porsche Cayenne Turbo: until hundreds speedometer climbed for 11 long seconds, and top speed of just 153 kilometers per hour. But he ate like an elephant: the claimed fuel consumption on the road - 16, 8 liters per 100 kilometers! In fact, even on the track it came out almost twice as much. Therefore, the volume of the fuel tank 167 liters looked transcendent.

Initially things went well: in the first full year, Ford's sales sold more than 50 thousand cars (though the family Suburban was still more than three times more popular), but then it all went wrong.
The main reason for the failure of the market Excursion was the rise in oil prices - to fill the car was expensive. In addition, the Americans discovered that maneuver through the streets on a durynde hard and park - and at the feat.

Dodge La Femme. Car transvestite
In the first half of the last century was a matter of driving purely masculine, but in the mid fifties, women also became interested in cars. Dodge Company saw in a weak field and strong commercial prospects did as it seemed, a car specifically for women.
The name of the wise do not become - the car was named Dodge La Femme, «Dodge woman." In fact, it was not a separate model, but merely a modification of the serial coupe Royal Lancer. The body was painted in white and pink colors and silver nameplates Royal Lancer have been replaced with golden La Femme.
Inside - a triumph of pink and two bags with ladies accessories - umbrella and rubber boots for bad weather, lipstick, cigarette case, and things like that. Included with the machine was a bag made of the same materials as the interior decor. The car cost 132 dollars more expensive than the usual Royal Lancer
More, according to the founders of La Femme, a woman in this life nothing is needed - even for power supposed to pay extra. The car was sold in 1955 and 1956 and has been a complete failure - on "Freestuff" handbag pecked all 2,500 women. More so clumsy with women motorists marketers flirted.


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