Chelyabinka saved hung cat

Walking the dog on the evening of St. Nicholas Grove, Natalia Potapova saw about Birch stirs some bright shaggy lump. Came closer - a small cat collar with a bow of ribbon, tied with what gifts, was suspended for one of the branches of the collar.

Animal pains to escape, resting in a tree hind legs and trying to pull his head out of captivity. Woman cut the rope and brought home unhappy.
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"I immediately called her Kate, - says Natalya. - I have and without it, there are four cats, and another foundling dog lives. - Feed the tried, and her red furrow across the neck goes throat was severely constricted.

Could not eat, and very skinny, ribs can be counted. Well this is who should be some monster, so to make fun of the baby. I thought maybe Kate herself tangled in the trees? No, not really, cats are very clever ».

A couple of days Kate stayed with Natalia. The woman tried to help the cat, but realized that he could not. Every morning, nose and ears cat "burned": body temperature was more than forty degrees.

"I cried when I thought she might die - Natalia sobbing. - I took the cat and drove to the clinic Karen Dallakyan - only an expert can leave the animal after such a serious injury ».
Karen was no clinically. He has lectured to students in China, Liaoning University. Skype contacted him girl intern from his clinic in Chelyabinsk.

"Karen Vachaganovich, what do we do? - Screaming third-year veterinary Academy Colin Tanya and Natasha Shestakov. - Cats brought, it is very bad, and if she dies? We have not yet passed such lectures ».
"I advised the girls on Skype, and they spent in intensive care - says Karen Dallakyan. - I say, what medications to use as a wound process.

The girls from the hospital two days did not leave, afraid to leave her alone. And then the call: "The cat was better temperature slept, she ate. She just survive now, yes? ».
They renamed it to Kitty - this is their first real patient, which they have saved lives and gave the name of this tender. In the girls 'baptism of fire' happened: did not know that such a serious patient will fall to them in practice ».

"The animals are traumatized, hurt people - says Dallakyan. - Kitty evil no one else holds: not afraid of hands, caressing, playing with our other patients, particularly fond of Chihuahua Dr. Tyson ».
"Honey small survived, clever, now eats like a small elephant - girls do not despise a darling with it. - We've only got the nicest, most loving mistress give up now. Kitty tricolor green-eyed beauty, as they say, these cats bring happiness into the house. "



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