She tried to kill, but the cat-mother has survived the sake of her kittens!

This mom-cat has recently been brutally attacked, when he accidentally wandered into an unfamiliar yard in Australia. The man who lives in the area, allegedly grabbed the cat by the tail and hit it on the trailer. Group zoozaschitnikov seemed that the cat is dead, so that they have picked up only her kittens at the age of 1 month. However, the next day was incredible: cat crawled using only the front paws, straight to your children


According to the woman, who knew before the stray cat, she fed her and her kittens, but her neighbor tried to kill a cat-mother

"I was told that the cat just took the tail and hit the vehicle," - she says

By the time her children already took zoozaschitnikov squad

Once it became known that the cat is alive - it reunited with kittens

"Princess (now known as the cat) - a fighter, and she taught me to never give up", - says her savior Dee Walton. - "I believe that for the sake of her kittens she wants to live!ยป

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