10 Star beauties, experienced the bitterness of Stages "The Ugly Duckling"

As a child, appearance of the girls was far from angelic. Even more, they perfectly meet the definition of "ugly duckling." And today they are almost impossible to find - once plain girly not just blossomed, but become a sex symbol, conquered the world of cinema and fashion business. How it looked many years ago now recognized beauty, model and actress, refer to fresh selection

Jennifer Lopez

Surely mentors Jennifer Lopez in a Catholic school, where she went to her childhood, and thought this could not admit that the dark-skinned girl with wavy hair and prominent ears many years to become one of the most attractive and successful pop singers.
At first I did not set a goal to conquer the musical Olympus and Jennifer herself. While dancing and singing starlet engaged to 5 years.


According to the recollections of the artist, at the very beginning of his career, it is not counted on the exterior, and hard work.


«I mean sister. We lived in one room, all three. I was fascinated by dance and sports. I participated in the race and was incredibly hardy. I always wanted to dance. That's why she left home. My overnight was the sofa in the ballet studio. I was homeless, but her mother convinced: it should be. A few months later she found a job in Europe. When I came back, I acquired a role in the show In Living Color. I was famous as the girl from the dance troupe The Fly Girls and moved to Los Angeles. All of this happened in one year ", - said Lopez in an interview

Heidi Klum

. As a child, German supermodel Heidi Klum was a real rebel and did experiment with appearance.


In high school, she began to think about the profession of designer clothes.


However, by the end of the school changed its mind and decided to try at the Contest of young models, which was held at the local TV channel. The decision proved to be correct - 18-year-old Heidi won the award and was awarded a contract with the agency to 300 thousand dollars

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Hardly a schoolgirl with a snub nose with the photo on the left could have imagined that when he grows up to become mistress of one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood

But so it happened: one time the actress was a whirlwind romance with Brad Pitt, with whom she eventually broke up, and then curled it regretted the decision

. Well before the start to blossom and develop an acting career, Gwyneth with a heavy heart wore braces, smiling a little, and even willing to become a specialist in the field of art history.



Kate Moss

Long before becoming one of the most recognizable contemporary models Briton Kate Moss was a funny red-haired little girl with a very nemodelnym little face.



When Kate was 15, angularity, due to which teenage girls are often complex, she has played her hand. In New York airport to the schoolgirl went skinny scout model agency. So Briton won the first of his life job offer


But after 5 years, Kate Moss has earned his first million.


Gisele Bundchen

Today Gisele Bundchen - one of the highest paid models in the world. A once famous blonde constantly suffered from the ridicule of classmates for thinness and high growth.


And schoolgirl Giselle dreamed volleyball professionally.

Gisele Bundchen (second from left) with classmates


Friends remember the model that the school has always been one Giselle at parties, because none of the boys did not want to dance with her. Custom external data helped Giselle closer to the senior classes - then noticed a tall, thin schoolgirl in a shopping center Elite Modeling agent

Gisele Bundchen with her first agent

. 7eb390a622.jpg

Irina Shayk

During his school years he was not considered beautiful and Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.


Classmates, according to the girl herself, called her "stick" for the high growth and leanness.

Irina Shayk at the school (right)


After high school, Irina entered one of the colleges of Chelyabinsk and nearly became a marketer: changed my mind after a successful performance at the local "Supermodel 2004" beauty contest, after which she received the first proposal from the modeling agency

Megan Fox <. /

Preparing to Megan film career beginning in 5 years - began to walk in the drama club and dance studio. Only now all the children and then teens appearance of future Hollywood diva was far from stellar: she wore braces for several years, and her face was covered with freckles


. By getting rid of the terrible orthodontic brackets, Megan slowly began to work on the appearance, not yet turned into a sexy vamp girl.


It is worth noting that the actress constantly claims that did not do with his face absolutely no surgical procedures.

< Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

British supermodel and actor Jason bride Steytema Rosie Huntington-Whiteley all school years suffered from ridicule classmates. Future celebrity got it for too plump, in the opinion of their peers, the lips.


In general, then it is a doll looks and fame helped the Briton. While studying in college Rosie sent resume PR specialist position in the London model agency Profile Models. However, this is the place she has not received - instead of an office chair employer has offered a job pretty blonde model

Cara Delevingne

. And finally - a favorite of the British Vogue, actress and model Cara Delevingne


. In early childhood, Kara was a mischievous child, wore short hair and looked like a boy.


By the school of the future model to grow hair, but that's from the "boys' manners not get rid of. In addition, the Karoo is constantly teased because of "over-delineated eyebrows," which later became its hallmark.


areru model Briton began to build in the 17. Today, Kara appears portfolio collaboration with Burberry, DKNY, H & amp; M, Asos. A Vouge magazine in 2012 included a model in a list of "the most stylish people of the fashion industry in the age of 45». »

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