Sayings of great people about cats

God created the cat to a person has been a tiger, which can be stroked. / Victor Hugo /

Who has a cat, he can not be afraid of loneliness. / Daniel Defoe /

Collect a herd of sheep easily, difficult to gather a herd of cats. / Sergey Kapitsa /

Man of culture as much as he is able to understand the cat. / Bernard Shaw /

If you're fat and clumsy, take graceful posture. This golden rule is known, even cats. / John Waite /

Cats by its very existence refutes the assertion that everything is created for humans. / Paul Gray /

I learned the wisdom of many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is immeasurably higher. / Hippolyte Taine /

Harried and pressed against the wall, the cat turns into a tiger. / Miguel de Cervantes /

Users give birth to dogs, cats and humans. It is seen as useful pets. / George Mikisha /

Dogs win your location, and you - Koshkin. / George Mikisha /

Cat and training - are not so incompatible concepts. Just a couple of days can train a cat anyone. / Graham Cooper /

Only the cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without a lock, and love without commotion. /U.L. George /

The cat I see a woman with the ever-changing sensitive soul ... / Giacomo Casanova /

If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. / Mark Tven /

The best part of the cat - love of comfort. / Camptonite Mackenzie /

A cat can vymurchat forgiveness for anything. /R. Hanlon /

Dog jumps on your lap, because he loves you; cat - because she was so warm. / Alfred N. Whitehead /

The cat will try to hold on your lap, even when you get up from a chair. Until the last minute, she hopes that you will wake up consciences, and you sit back. / Pam Brown /

No more soothing spectacle than sleeping cat. / Jane Pauley /

Sometimes cursed cat, you look at it, and there is an unpleasant sensation, as if she understood every word. And remember ... / Charlotte Gray /

When we play with the cat, even the question of who plays with whom - I'm with her and she with me. / Michel de Montaigne /

Chchudesnaya cat bestowed forever! / The ancient Egyptian inscription on the obelisk in Nebra /

Dogs think they are people. Cats think they're gods. / Tobias Bakella /

Only the cat lovers know that this is always warm, luxurious fur hot water bottle. / Suzanne Millen /

Even the smallest of the felines - perfection. / Leonardo da Vinci /

Cat dreaming about the wings: she wanted to try to bat. / Emil Meek /

But the cat - a ghost of himself, he is a demon. It is the very caution and a joke. / Theodor Lessing /

You can not fool a cat idle chatter as any dog, no, sir! / Jerome K. Jerome /

Cats do not ask, they just take whatever they want. / Cat Garfield /

Cats do not like the only one who has not met his cat. / Deborah A. Edwards /

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