Yesterday MS-DOS was the Jubilee

Yesterday once popular operating systems fit on multiple diskettes, knocked 30 years. It was from July 27, 1981 was started when a small supply company Microsoft and the PC from the IBM PC.
Not for nothing called the MS-DOS disk operating system, because it is from these words, and is the second part of the full name of the OS (MicroSoft Disk Operating System). It is a commercial and belongs to the infamous corporation Microsoft.

It is no secret that the MS-DOS was not a personal development company. A little more than 30 years ago, Microsoft acquired a license for the operating system 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products for 50,000 US dollars for its transmission, and later bought it completely, giving even US $ 80,000.

The traitor is the most famous running of the family "DOS", at one time on most machines stood by him. During its existence came round 8 versions (1.0 to 8.0), as well as twenty interim updates, but in 2000 it froze development.


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