Mini-yard back yard

If you build it ... it will float. 11-meter sailing boat, built by one man in the backyard, was the culmination of the dream of his life.

1. bulkhead use wood left after a storm in 1987. "She was at a low price, and would be thrown out if one does not use it," - says Tolhurst.

2. "In order to get money for the construction of the boat, I had to find additional work outside the farm. I contract many civil works, where it is often used lead, which I collected over 20 years. I had to buy only one ton. To buy all the necessary lead, it would take about 5,000 pounds ».

3. "The first time she began to look like a boat, when the body was turned over. To some extent then I liked it even more than now. You could see her skeleton and the way begin to show its shape, and it was so appealing. At that moment I imagined the finished boat and thought, "Oh, I'm done in three or four years» ».

4. Tolhurst cabin «Find».


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