The biggest yacht in the world Abramovich (39 pics + 1 video)

Abramovich's yacht entered the port of New York, this event gets into the newspapers and news.
Americans look with amazement at the size and luxury of the ship, although difficult to surprise them.
Eclipse yacht was moored on the other side of the pier, away from prying eyes, but that did not stop the author photograph it from all sides and even chat with the team on board.
Yacht Roma (6 photos)

Author: When I arrived at the venue, my view is such a picture is opened. The yacht was moored on the right side of Pier 90, and for its review was available only one place in 92 th. The rest of the territory of the terminal is closed by a fence and guarded. I have this kind of course did not accept, and I started looking for options.

One of them had a roof of Pier 92 which appears on Google was a car park. I went to study this option and immediately ran to the closed entrance and a sign informing that parking is not working. I tried to climb up the stairs, but the door leading to it was locked. And then I walked past the man, pressed a button, and in front of him suddenly opened wide the gates of the freight elevator. He went inside, and I decided that I will not get another chance and jumped after him. In the elevator, I learned from him that if I could get up, and whether it is possible to remove the ship from there. He said that he himself is in this regard and confidently pressed the button. The doors closed, the elevator was broken and buzzed. As we drove, I found out from him that he's not running, but from somewhere knows how to get inside, and that the main purpose of his visit is the men's room on the second floor, and he decided to take a picture of the boat at the same time. The doors opened and we found ourselves in a huge dark and empty room inside the pier, which, apparently, are registered and waiting to board a cruise ship passengers. A man immediately disappeared somewhere in the dark, and I went in search of a good place to shoot. It turned out that it is not. Remove anything that was not possible because of the dirty windows of the setting sun and the yacht and the batter directly into them. While I was thinking what to do, the man drew back and looking at the greasy glasses come exactly to the same conclusions that I did. Come after me! - He said, and we went upstairs for some idle escalators and premises. In the end, we went to the roof, where there were several cars in front of us and, at a glance, was the yacht Abramovich. A man took a few pictures to your smartphone, complained that she was not entirely fit into the frame, wished me luck and was gone. I stayed on the roof alone and began to take off.

For a start it seems to me that the word yacht's not quite right. When people come up with him, they did not know that it came to this. In naval circles in respect of such vessels use the word mega-yacht. And then really all mega:

Length - 162, 5 m
 - Width - 21, 5 m
 - The number of decks (December) - 9
 - Displacement - 13 000 tonnes
 - Engine - propeller shaft and 2 respectively. 2 screws
 - Two thrusters
 - Speed ​​(cruising) - 22 knots
 - Speed ​​(max.) - The data range from 25 to 38 knots
 - The hull: Steel; Superstructure: aluminum.
 - The price of the boat (estimated Sunday Times) € 910 million.

In my shot when I got up on the contrary, it is also not entirely climbed.

As I studied the yacht, her stern started a movement.

It turned out that it is approaching a small refueling tanker and the team is preparing for its mooring.

Team tanker with interest the vessel in question, which they have to refuel.

The crew lowers fenders.

While they were preparing, I decided to explore the ship.

This is the bridge. All windows have opaque yacht and what goes on inside is not visible.

On a small balcony at the bridge came two men and began to observe the operation of mooring.

The yacht on the background of skyscrapers of Manhattan. Find the Empire State Building.

Nose. It is one of the helipads.

Pleasure boat. There are four.

Accessories and equipment of the vessel:
 - Mini-submarine with 12 seats;
 - The system of missile warning;
 - Bulletproof glass;
 - Two helicopters with takeoff sites and hangars;
 - Four pleasure boats;
 - 20 motor scooters;
 - Photoelectric sensors and infrared lasers that prevent capture digital equipment.


Facilities on board:
 - "Admiral's" cabin area of ​​500 square meters. m. with a stage and a piano;
 - Personal deck holder length 56 m;
 - Guest suites 24 deluxe cabins designed for 62 passengers / guests;
 - Gymnasium with sauna;
 - Two swimming pools;
 - Cinema;
 - Dance Hall;
 - "Cave»;
 - Two (large and small) kitchen;
 - Staff quarters, designed for 92 people.

Mast Eclipse and the spire of Empire State.


Most likely these hatches aboard the submarine and unloaded part of the scooter.

The tanker finally came to the board.

The team monitors the mooring.

Number of crew and maintenance personnel - 70 people.

What some argue.

To me it was not enough and I decided to come close to the boat.

I walked along the pier next to the pier and found parking on the roof does not work either. Despite the fact that it was full of cars, entrance was closed barrier and guard in the booth was empty. Here, too, was a sign closed. Going further, I found the way to the elevator, and the empty chair in front of him on which, apparently, had to sit the guard.

But the guard was not there and I quietly went on.

Opposite the pier from which I started shooting.

Pool. All the furniture is closed covers.

The yacht is assigned to the port of Hamilton in Bermuda.

On the upper deck there is a second helipad.

Then I put the camera, did face a brick and walked toward the nose. When I caught up with the captain's bridge there looking man looked like a bolt from the film Guy Ritchie, and with a strong British accent asked:
 - And what are you left the post?
 - What? What I have left? - I said, not knowing what he was.
He understood my English is as bad as I asked the British and again.
 - What with the post left?
 - Post? - I replied. What position?
He thought a little and looked at me closely and asked:
 - Do you work here?
 - No.
Then his eyes widened and lengthened face.
 - What are you doing here?
 - Well, it's a walk - I replied.
At this moment behind him came two more male figures, one of them is likely to have been Russian.
 - This area is closed to visitors, you do not have here is - the big man said loudly. How do you get here?
 - Walking down the street, I saw a beautiful boat and decided to come closer.
 - You have to leave now. I'll call on the radio protection and ask them to figure out how and why you're here turned out to be.
I did not linger, bowed, made a stupid face, said he did not know that all so serious and has gone turning in the opposite direction. Calmly he walked back along the pier, down the escalator in the non-working dark room, found a stairway down to the first floor, opened the door and went outside.

He eliminated next gate pier and found that they are closed, and behind them a security guard on duty. Then I realized how lucky I was. In all respects.

Returning home, I rummaged through the Internet, but was unable to find such detailed pictures of the yacht. So, a little luck, a little thrill and turned the post :) The newspapers write that the boat will stay in New York until the middle of April, and that his girlfriend Dasha Zhukova is pregnant and due to give birth in the spring. Another wrote that Abramovich choose to stay on the boat for better security and privacy than can give hotels or apartments. But after today's walk I'm not sure :)



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