Cat Mulk

When the children unattended, it's half the trouble, but when the school teacher only for furniture, then a little worse. Let's start in order.
Parses-law then the attic and dug there, thirty sixth book titled entertaining ballistics. Written for children. Apparently an order of magnitude more intelligent than were available there described that example. With an increase in the charge for example twice the projectile will fly five times more due to flight in the rarefied atmosphere.
Written instructive, is available for the kids. The publication seems Detgiz.
Generally. I gave it he is my elder 11 maids under 9 for the full development ...
At work I zpzvonil cell phone and told the elder confused about some cat that summer. Nothing has come to meet with understanding prodlenki.
Now the fun part.
The story of the children. Having read all interesting, and finding a piece of towline whole group afterschool lasso nearby Oak and pulled him to the fence. As the shells were not, they put the cat in the trunk and cut the rope.
With a surprised meow animal flew up and disappeared behind the roof of a 5-storey school.
It argues that it is on the roof or behind the school prodlenki all ran to look for her at the stadium. The cat was found. The whole izdorovaya in the bushes of acacia and hawthorn, and she ran out to meet the children. (b% i - where teachers ???).
Cat brought back to the oak tree, planted on him, tied the remains of rope and began to pull back. Knot slipped and flew the beast (the words of the children) on the bottom of a ballistic trajectory, hitting the only open window of the building - it's the director's office on the fourth floor.
By the time when the first leaves touched planets in dvole school already was quiet and there was not a single child.
Then the words of the director of studies - when he came out of the Regional Department of Education checks already half an hour leafing through the paper, I asked to open the window, then he went to a meeting, and then faster and rabotaposhla drew to a close. At this point, when asked about the discipline of students in an open transom with the speed of the ship and heartbreaking Meow, sweeping flowers, pots and cabinets with folders flew cat and relish slammed into the opposite wall of the principal's office ... ..
Then with my words - when I took away from his prodlenki, they were instructed that nothing is impossible, that cats can fly, that is the norm, and that the director's office in her nest. What it flies every day and they just about pevy hear.
Navtrechu was the cleaning lady, who was carrying the cat in her arms, and which saw us came up to us and offered to take the kitten home.
My cats have learned. Steel-red crayfish on that worker said - out girls as they want, and you do not allow.
In short, not to declassify laughing cat took. While carrying invented name - Pulka.
House Pulka devoured in one gulp two sausages, one sigh, drank a bowl of milk and collapsed to sleep.
All. The next day, the floor area was plastered advertisement type found cat year, model. Colors. Specifications, photos and telec prilagalo.
Hosts were found in a day - as it turned out, for a half-hour before the first flight through school, she fell to the seventeenth floor of a new high-rise.
It was a cat. Mulia. Pets called Mulk it.


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