The life of one bar in Russia

Life began one post with a noble goal: that no one on the lawns are not parked, and moms with strollers walking on the sidewalks.

To be more precise: in Surgut on University 41 after ennobled yards (pavement and seedlings), dozens of cars still driving on the sidewalk parked on the lawn under the windows of their cars. Today there dug column, I wonder how long will it hold? And immediately became a wonderful view without cars. P.S. If someone says that the problem with parking places in the yard, the note under the house duplex half-empty parking lot across the street parking and the same ground, and put the car on the lawn is not cheap ...

First day: 10.11.2013 (some snow already)

Long column had not lived, slept at night the car on the lawn, sidewalk all traveled all over
Traces of the crime 1:

Traces of the crime 2:

Traces of the crime 3:

After one day, snow fell for this machine followed in the shelter on the machine: ...

All I ... (Photos confused with different inlets fotkal) ... a day snow fell for this machine followed in the shelter of the machine on, Photo 2: ...



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