Are you sure that your passport - Really ?!

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Writes Marina Yaroslavtseva:

"I was just crap, and it's the softest thing I can write here. This PPV we have that helplessness and resentment want to bang your head against the wall and yelling at the sky.

Today, my husband went to withdraw money in the bank. While he was there, yak squirrel nuts, wore savings for a rainy day - everything was ok. And when he wanted to take off, he said: "Sorry, but your passport is not valid, it is wanted".

My husband did not believe it, I got a call - I do not believe it. Although it is not as if April 1. I went to the place of a passport, the police department in Kominternovskoe Voronezh. He was told - yes, they say, your passport for eight years NULL.

How?! Show my statement, which I addressed in respect of loss. "And we do not know how - we have so much time the documents do not keep".
What is there to do?! "And we do not know, go get a new passport at the place of residence".

It was the prosecutor's office immediately said - write the statement, but first contact TSUFMS suddenly go to a meeting and restore, make an invalid passport really really really (here again the mat).
You can even imagine the idiocy of the situation?!?! During these 8 years, the husband on an invalid passport bought a house, car, cottage, three times brought children from Russia (and imported, respectively), it furnished all the documents, made out general power of attorney (one of which is necessary, and the person on the year left behind the border to re-register for a new passport), born over the years the children on it for a job, take loans and do everything you can do with a passport - even a criminal case was opened a month ago in the scam. Everything was OK!

And all this - on a passport that all these years cleaned wanted. ))))))

I can imagine a situation where we would after a thousand kilometers. car deployed to the border with him, or, for example, would not let Russia ?! As you are such a turn of events?! ..

And now we are paralyzed, tomorrow I must pay for dentures, and do not give the money to her husband. And I still can not imagine what will happen when a new, still require fine unreal. Who knows? .. The husband said that it will leave it, will write to the prosecutor. And I do not believe in justice.

... Are you sure that your passport - valid ?!
Who doubts, you can check online FMS

upd: to soothe the souls of all individuals with delusions of persecution tidy site address FMS



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