"All Russia was covered with a lie, as a scab" V. SHukshin

< To protect against lustration Kremlin vorё made himself a thick cotton Suit "George Ribbon", decorated with precious rhinestones from dorenok, Kiselev, Solovyov and other nepotreba.

And for the understanding of our position on the situation in Ukraine.

1. We are in no case do not support any discrimination Russian language in Ukraine and nats.priznakam

2. We actually believe that the Crimea - Rusko zamlyu but not rosiyanskaya, and certainly not Putin's & quot ;. And not the Kremlin Schäuble his "return" at the cost of Russian lives and methods yard punks.
This is a very important point.

3. We are well aware of who and what started all this fuss with Ukraine. And cook it long before the Maidan.
We just do not all write about what we know. There are reasons for this.

4. We are well aware of what is happening with a large part of the population of the Russian Federation, which had fallen into a "patriotic" hysteria.
It's not their fault, and very soon they will feel terrible break-up of the "othodnyaka." Which, incidentally, does not relieve them of responsibility for aiding creatures.
In the end - all adults and should understand that the very first drop of Russian blood spilled will be their personal judgment.
If you think that all this is just a kooky idea bald little man and his desire a little bit of the Crimea, it is very much mistaken.
In this game at stake the whole Russian people.

Finally, especially for some comrades ripping us a personal and splashing in our saliva all over the internet to address :)

Friends, the fact is that we do not represent any party \ motion \ organization \ gang and other funny Baubles.
We absolutely poheru the so-called "politics" in all its manifestations. Too well we know its essence.
We do not pay the money, do not pay a pity; (
That is why we advocate a team dymovskiy.name. Although some of us a long time could become, so to speak - the name or character, and believe me, very good "roll out" would inform the space, better than many "opinion leaders." But we do not and will not do in any case - in this nedogosudarstve. Just because all of our work comes from the heart and conscience.
And you know, we at the genetic level is not digested lies and deception are very trusting of the Russian people and just try, to the best, to fight this fraud.

team dymovskiy.name


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