Russia and the danger to all that is not against it

Recently, I go to ukrosayty read what they write about us! Basically raving about the mass murder of Ukrainians in Crimea. But there are also quite interesting.
Note: Konstantin Saprykin to this text has nothing to do.

Here's how to arrive to us on Thursday, UN Secretary-General! Here's how the Assembly will convene an emergency United Nations! .. Well, what will? Are some Ban Ki-moon to persuade Putin to give back to the Crimea? Does all this make the Assembly send the toilet svezhepodpisanny agreement with the Crimea and Sevastopol?
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First of all, not for nothing this morning, Putin thanked India and remembers her recently with or without. India - a billion 250 million people. China - another 1 billion 365 million. And China is not a word against the said. Add their now almost 150 million ardent patriots - and a total of 2 billion out 750 million people who do not mind that the Crimea was part of Russia. And you have Venezuela, North Korea, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Nicaragua, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Transnistria, Gagauzia add. But for us halfway around the world! Plus Bashar Assad and Lukashenko Old Man at heart.

So we are not afraid of the United Nations. UN - is not at all clear what. And for a long time. If the position of the United Nations ever meant something, that Putin would not have been such wonderful occasion to remember about Iraq, Libya, Kosovo and so on and so forth. UN - as a strict guard, who asks a pass, but if you pass there - albeit so.

Is the Security Council, where the big countries impose on each other's veto and if America has the same desire to war, she somehow it sells.

There Assembly, where people are having fun that listens to the podium in New York, some US Ahmadinejad sent three letters.

The only thing that has lasting value - a nuclear bomb. If you have the atomic bomb, in fact, you can do whatever you want because no one can stop you. Is that the Third World begin. But who wants to start a Third World in order to some of Crimea, who does not even know where he was, back in the some of Ukraine, which is also not known where on the map? Let against Russia will introduce all sorts of sanctions, to ban the delivery of any goods, stop buying our gas and oil, the deputies will take away their apartments in Miami - we are not afraid. We survived the war and lost millions in the fighting. We survived collectivization, famines, blockade - whenever it is paying for the price, which never dreamed of anyone in the world.

Russia and so dangerous for all that she has no anti-depressant. The fact that they are by far the rules of decorum and civility - for us no more than a strange formality. What seems to them a terrible - it seems ridiculous. That would be a disaster for them - for us pinprick on the way to a brighter future, and Slavic unity.

Therefore let him rides Korean Ban. Let the Assembly will meet. Massandra, Koktebel and Sapun Gore were to be Russian.

Anton OREH
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