Tuning their own hands 5

Tuning the car - an incurable disease. Taste once and can not be stopped. It would be desirable to tune the car over and over again!

Nissan Almera MADE:
- Installed strip exterior RACING WOOD.
- Changed the exhaust system REMUS CHICKEN SCREAM stage1.
- The speakers are 20 watts.
- Steering wheel MOMO OAK.
- Bank 135 mm CAPPUCCINO.
- Turbo 107 mm 1.5 BAR TORNADO
According database
• The engine 1.4 (87 hp)
• Machine 1999 release, was bought in 2013
• Nissan Almera I (N15) is available from 1995

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Chicken Creek from the muffler!

I'm going right from the start to destroy your opponent in the next races and show him the power of my Almere. For this I started tuning exhaust system setting to the festive dudelki! In the hope that the emitted sound to be similar to the whistling turbo compressor, which is morally demoralizing my competitors, but it did not work quite the way I expected.
It sounds more like a chicken stuck in my tailpipe, which begs for help. It's hard to say whether I can achieve the desired result, or should I try to alter the design and change the sound?
I really appreciate your feedback!

Car Audio!

It is hard to imagine "MACHINE WINNER" without a decent car audio! All the practicality and capacity of my trunk in Almería had to exchange for a huge body speaker. Professionals have long known that the body no good, even the best audio system will not play quality.
In my chosen body, perfect stand in its place two speakers of 5 watts. The total capacity of 10 watts in the trunk! It is quite enough, and when the speakers are playing at full strength, starts jumping and vibrating rear shelf mount license plate!
Such a system is capable of several days squander battery and so just in case, I carried with me an extra battery!
Huge, professional speakers in the trunk, not able to support the head unit. Therefore, even a place set out in this radio! It is able to cope with the increased workload, and thanks to built-in speakers of my audio total power of 20 watts!
Frankly, I never listen to music on full because of so many decibels can start a headache.


The strip!
• Racing strips come in various shapes, sizes, colors, but the goal they all have one! Add the car quickly. My Almere just "strёmnitelnosti" and not enough, so the first thing I decided to start a "tuning" of such strips with stickers! Specifically, a single wide strip, slightly displaced to one side. Why a little biased, but because I have a wry happened)))
• It does not matter from what and what method will be executed strip, most importantly, it accelerates your car visually. Many people simply paint stripes on his car with a roller to paint, but I went the other way. I used vinyl! The vinyl film can always peel turned out crooked, or if you have any other ideas how to make the car strёmnitelnosti.
• My strip is made under a tree, and I hope that the beetles will switch their attention from the body to the strip and it will extend the car a few more months of life.)

The arrow on the hood adds Almere even greater focus on winning! Although, when I started working with film in my hand was shaking a little bit, but the end result is similar to the one that turned out to Opel)))

Of course, to increase the emitted silencer cackling, it set the real BANK (a coffee)! I can not specify the exact diameter of the can, because I did not have the scale of the measuring instrument! SHE colossal! And its diameter force to reflect any opponent!


I decided to take extreme measures and to increase the capacity of the engine twice! For this I need a turbine, and of course large turbines do not happen! There are small eggs from the owners! Therefore, I found the biggest turbine, which I only managed to find!

The diameter of the inlet 107 mm. Such a fool, make any horrified and began to call his mom to the rescue! The diameter of the throttle 70 mm.
The turbine is driven by an electric motor and is equipped with two-speed supercharging.
In the first-speed inlet pressure 0.5 bar expectation! With such pressure is very convenient to travel around the city, the car will not fall apart in the Bucs on each transmission!

BUT! This is not enough! And to win the turbine is equipped with a second speed. OVERBYUST mode gives unprecedented 1.5 BAR at the inlet, and the approximate engine output of 150 hp Grip is not enough and the car slips even 5th gear!

I've made a test run the engine and terribly pleased with it! Installation of the turbine is not yet final and will be carried out some refinement, because with this arrangement can not close the hood!
I'm almost ready for the race of his life! I am honored to Nassau hocks!

ALL! Next themselves)))



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