That such a statement

The actual statement, which came to the prosecutor's office (Ukraine). Just cry from the heart.

Here tekstik statements

Living in that system for 44 years I have received from this zhyzni only suffering because was different intellectual abilities, invent, write poems. Very many years related to computer vertualny world. my ability to enjoy all of whom either laziness.
The payment for your mental work I still have not received. I am living in poverty for 20 years.
The impact of software on my mind over the years but even I could write a statement. Now I wrote not a single statement, but the result net.Vot for this reason I am writing you. The prosecutor's office of the city purchased. Even more beautiful effect on the brain affect my body. As early as 6 years in a row I have been suffering from pain, vomiting, and fears. My mother suffers Potro consciousness for 10 years. My grandmother even left home and never returned. We cut off the gas for alleged debts.
I really want to complain to the European Court and ask them for asylum.
So much for my life. But other than that in our city there are guys who are deprived of freedom. It is not clear for what reason they keep on Igren (mental hospital). It (the names I miss - approx. T_b) - are 36 Dep. 3 years.
In our town there is a whole system against the common man, a department of the Ukrainian Security. Why it is precisely in our city and not in the capital?
His enemies of the computer world vertualny blame for such items
1.Right to work and to rest.
2.Ubiystvo grandmother.
3.Unizhenie human dignity.
7.Vorovstvo my intellectual abilities.
8.Ispolzovanie good name for their own selfish purposes.
9.Nasilie will.
These guys that I wrote above can be witnessed events of my zhyzni
I was very closely connected with the TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. A lot of the programs that I came up with. It
2.Pole wonders
3.Vkusno with Boris Burda
4. What, where, when
6.Moya family
8.Krivoe mirror
10.Tantsy with Stars on Ice
11.klyuchevoy time
maybe something else but I forgot
For his intellectual ability, I would sue but it did not work out. I made copies of themselves say about everything.
All entrepreneurs zhyzni I taught, but even they do not help me. What opened stores, outlets, no one knows the name of the owners, and they did not draw up the documents to the property.
Some well-wishers call me the queen of Ukraine since I decided many issues of national importance. Perestroika came up as I was.
I hope for the understanding of my application and the adoption of appropriate measures.
My invention
1.Mobilny phone
2.Ukrasheniya mirrors
3.Bely chocolate.
4.Prokladki with wings
5.Odnorazovaya utensils
6.Plastikovye bottle
7.Chashka named
8.Knopochny engine.
Another write their fresh humorous poems
Auden boots, and a red coat
panamku that it had not found one.

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