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"We got the combat hardened in the early '80s in the feud. 14-15 winners intradomestic summer confrontations took to mezhdvorovye. Winners mezhdvorovyh organized their gyms or asks in the rocking chairs on the Rights of the juniors, where they dumped a rigid system of selection (something like an army basic training). Those who successfully passed - assimilate a fighting philosophy, to force muscle strength was gradually added psychological, intellectual, energy (later on this). Inside, too, is rocking confrontation which resulted in there appeared their leaders. Then these leaders took to mezhkachalochny level. When fighting pitching falling leaves from the trees. Once we separate these high school students. I grabbed one of the trunk and pulled at that moment he got hit in the face. Despite the fact that the attack was in the head, torso shook as if there is a grenade exploded. Arriving home, I thought that if this got hit me - I would not have survived. He began to actively engage in sports with the 9th grade. By the time some of my peers have already had figures noticeable from afar. It was hard the first six months, and then was involved. Soon our company got a boyfriend, inconspicuous in appearance, narrow intelligent face, blond short hair, strong beautiful figure (without bulging muscles through sweater), a good person, not matter, not drunk, cultural. Allocated only his amazing calmness and self-control. Swung almost 2 years, traveled to Moscow's largest parks. A month later we found out about his ultra-high combat capability. He cut down with one hit with any hand speed bumps incredible, impossible to dodge. In the event of a threatening situation immediately changed, becoming collected, attentive, concise and particularly quiet, chose the most cultural expression, as if he wanted not to frighten the victim. Opponent or opponents sometimes lost, not knowing what was happening and then the initiative passed to him, he has control of the situation, controlled slow, translating into a protracted strained. Most often gone too far hooligans shrank from unknown fear, as if he were enveloped in a cocoon of his energy field. Some could not withstand the psychological pressure and frustrated, but it only had he never started first. Happened, and we ran a chill on the back when he was far away quietly approached us and feel our excitement, just say hello and smiling, as if apologizing for the trouble, passed on about their business. Despite the fact that among us there were healthier and also his fans waving their fists. And if these two will - what will be the chill. Ten -Twenty - fifty - hundred - two hundred - three hundred !!! Feel the difference. The thought creeps, but what happens to those for whom they have focused their attention. Those already at a distance fell into a stupor shock and could not even run away (we never for anyone not running). I tell it not to repeat everything I want, that you knew how it was actually. We try to imagine what Gopnik, the professional athletes, the racketeers ... No! Lubero - a youth movement doprizyvnikov (16, 17, 18, 19), the movement of the working environment, the children of the workers. In the army, we have shown high sports results, we set an example to others. I won first place in part in podemperevorotah (50 times). In our rocking guys were stronger (90 times). What kind of results have you got? Get up off the couch brother, take a dumbbell, your grandchildren will be proud of you. We struggled with the worst Moscow youth who consider themselves the elite Moscow. No elite they nebyli. We are not going to re-educate. We made them what they are worth the most. I remember how we cut them outskirts memory for a few weeks and feel like they are groaning today at night from headaches gritting false teeth ... No matter how much I wanted to ershitsya on them, but they were victorious in this battle. Have to respect them. All these years we've fought for life and death much mowing our ranks. They avenged us for their broken noses. They turned out to be another force, invisible, hidden but much more powerful than ours. We were against children powerful people.
Remember us, reading these lines. Listen to the thunder of the past. We were honest soldiers. Such youth power is no more. REMEMBER ABOUT BROTHER !!!


For those who are interested in the level of our training. One late afternoon in our peaceful cheerful company suddenly had an argument worthy of our two fighters (Kapustin and Breusov), sharply jumped up and got ready to boyu.Nas all at this point constrained, as chains, none of us could not move to stop them . The fight did not happen, or rather the battle took place, but the other, invisible, the fight without a fight. We then did not understand. After standing in readiness, they silently silently went home, went to bed and slept for two before lunch the next day (night sleep), usually this happens when the whole day to unload cars. Well this is how much energy should be involved in this short confrontation to come home like that and cuts !!! Stood just a minute, and we all ears laid, as in the plane. When they parted, half of us felt sick. Feel what it was a moment ?! And there were those who even they were afraid. Think about it after that, who were such Lubero.
We swung through the "cant". When the latter approach, shaking hands and rod rises barely so even with rubble - here everything is just beginning, here under the auxiliary cries comrades appears true sports passion and desire to win, to take another bench, and then another one. When you're shaking hands with encouraging exhilarating hear the chorus, you punch pride for showing willpower, because you're pushing forward the possibility of his body along with their comrades. Those who stood at the bar grabbed a safety net only in extreme cases. It was a collaborative effort, one nobody rocked the swing alone does not bring happiness. Each virtue of their experience tells another what is needed grip, how to make an approach, how and how much rest in between (this is very important), some of the diets more interested in, look on the part tell us how to finish a figure that trim (very hard to see defects). She is talking about combat capability was achieved luber66 hard training, not from the sky fell. In battles "on the gloves" used a few fights on one and no one will regret, soaked until the flood. At these competitions each tried to stay on his feet as long as possible. Moving forward lift the spirit, we have won the spirit. That is what made us Lubero.


Lubero were like 300, each had a chop with either hand. Many worthy glory of Achilles, they were cut down by 15-20 people, without receiving any significant damage. Here are some of them: Boots, Crocodile, Zubok, Sala, Hypatia fistula, Capa, a random Igor Breusov Pasha, Vadim Kapustin, Kuzenkov Pasha ... They Lubero at different times. If anyone knows of other, keep a list. Different shapes, height, characters and battle tactics, but they were united by the desire for combat and spiritual excellence and adherence to a code of honor soldier. Soldiers did not start the first beat. If they are, well, very much like someone beat, they used combat trick.
Breusov Pasha pretended "broke" drunk, showing his alleged rivals
helplessness. When in Moscow parks gathered hooligans "scratch" fists, they were very glad this discovery, but the beginning of his kick, suddenly within seconds were on the ground.
Shalnev Igor had such a kind face that did not have to cheat, bullies once considered him an easy target. In battle, he looks like a bear Baloo from the Soviet cartoon "Mowgli". His punches were not hard, but the sound spanking forced to think on his feet remaining. In the life of peaceful and kind man.
Vadim Kapustin movements in battle like the perfect Achilles from the movie "Troy".
When in front of him was a strong contender, he started the fight as Achilles and Hector, jumping from side to side. If your opponent is weaker than he walked smiling even without raising fists until it receives a portion of strikes. Then this portion immediately return back, but it will be very different impacts. He had a remarkable ability to talk with him a cultural fight any bully, any size.
One day at the rink someone has beaten all the same, he was not even upset. And I did not escape his fists. Kapustin knew that I could cut the forehand, but walked calmly at me with her hands. I was able to avoid a fight, but he did not know why, suddenly hit him first in the eye, he flew two meters, shook his head and said that I was dead. Then I realized the inevitability of what is happening and decided to "sell" themselves dearly, bumped into him and managed to hit him three times. Suddenly a flash ... and I was lying on the ground. Began to rise sharply and was hit with such force that buzzing in my head and began to rock the earth. In order not to fall, I grabbed the tree. Five minutes later, he came to himself, wanted to finish the fight, what Vadik I said, "Okay, but take back his punches ... and I fell again and was unconscious for a few minutes. Waking felt inflated upper lip, his whole face swelled and was speechless. Realizing that nothing to lose rushed and hit it again.
How fell not remember, but could not get up. He waited, "Lubero" fallen not beat.
Tired of waiting, Kapustin came and looked on, he was dripping blood from his broken face at me and said quietly, that forgives me the final blow. It's just a great humanist. By the way, after this incident, I began to learn better.
Mitrofanov Misha, one of the noblest of Lubero, respect for comrades. If he is someone strongly neponravilsya - arranged poluhuliganskie jokes about opponents are, if he took them, there was nothing, but who for that kicked or pushed, punished immediately.
The good-natured giant fistula felled enemy at long range, creating around him half-meter zone of peace. Once tried to box with him, rushed five times, five times was stopped heavy good punch in the nose, then I left offended.
Boss on the contrary, after several high-speed punches come to the fight, throwing opponents to a safe distance. I saw it once scattered polklassa with desks, get a good dance floor.
Basil handed his famous mathematically precise chirkashi, after which his lips were torn to rags.
Clove short, pumped as a barrel, there was never into any rack, only hands in rastopyrku. When in front of him in a boxing stand standing tall opponent, seconds before the attack bloated, 3-4 steps lightning run, high jump and a crushing blow polusboku-polusverhu, during which he folded into a bowl. After landing safely disposes and inflated even more, without looking at the result of his "work", and it is almost always broken nose.
Tell us about your last battle away. Our friend - Kuzenkov Pasha was beaten for having led off with a disco best girl. He was beaten more than twenty people, two of them held by the legs, and the rest had stopped zapinali. At a meeting of the fighters decided: to go to fight some old people. Drove eleven people. We met with them in a tight spot, on the one hand with the other garages stone fence, just enough to get up the ranks. The crowd quietly approaching the enemy, there were about 60 people and they knew that we were little, before the fight Pasha immediately felled three, and they reported the main group of our opponent's strength and where we are. Tell you the truth - I was scared. Pasha Kuzenkov stood in the center. The enemy came close and without stopping went on to attack. Pasha first cut into the crowd, his blows shook the ground. I once someone grabbed by the legs (it seems they have such a tactic), and then tried to blame, missed a few beats, escaped and joined the fight. Pasha with Korney broke through the middle and the two crushed center. Sounds their attacks stood out from the crowd. Back rows opponent ran and they turned and went in our direction, I realized the sounds of blows. Grappled with me a strong fighter, suddenly there was a loud knock, and it vomited out of my hands and took three meters, is Pasha, running past, decided to help me. A few seconds later there was a cry: "All clear! Consider our own. Everything is in place! Leaving! "Lay around a lot of enemies, stepping over them, I pulled. "Do not run away!" We went into the yards column calm and quiet. 15 opponents caught up with us. Since the beginning of our ranks two men jumped me (I normally open) and have shown their willingness to fight. The fight did not happen under the hurtful cries we retired into the darkness (we do not touchy). By the light of lanterns turned out - I'm the only one who had broken face. More on the road I did not go.


Lubero lead a healthy lifestyle, never touched just the guys, especially if it is with sex, touched only hooligans coming "scratching" fists.
Scheme fights about this: during a collision main core made its way into the center of the crowd superior opponents, devastating the middle and bringing terror to the whole mass. Then divided into two lines, one drove off the back, behind were usually the weakest, they fled almost without resistance, and the other turned around to the rear of the first beat rows rivals fought the strongest there, they got it the most, they were not spared.


Despite the inflated muscle speed bumps was incredible, invisible flying hands, only loud slaps and fallen rivals.
Before the fight, we felt as rivals filled with fear. Sometimes they could not move, could not even run away, scream, call for help, the energy impact on the Lubero informals comparable to the impact of a boa constrictor "Ka" monkeys ("Mowgli"). We do this animated film a lot in common: we also fought with the informals as Mowgli with red dogs, very accurate comparison. Why red dog? See for yourself: punks, such as fighting: cut down to the ground and finished off his feet. Dirty, aggressive persons, their vocabulary was limited to bow-wow and tyaf-tyaf. When they walked in the park among the civilian population, said bow-wow, and when he came Lubero - tyaf-tyaf. Used metal chains and brass knuckles (riveted gloves, I also regard as brass knuckles). We do not always win, and defeats were mainly local, several times larger (only by a significant numerical superiority of the enemy). We do not blame anyone, then informals were aggressive. Unfortunately their support for the new government, we lost in an unequal battle. Our losses are high, many people no longer alive, but those who have passed the critical stage moved to a new level, becoming respected citizens of their country. We debunked artificially created the myth that healthy muscles sign of low intelligence. I know personally of one who has become recently a professor of medicine, another respected dentist has patents for their inventions, the third high school teacher. Today, we all want to take part in the creation of a great country - RUSSIA.


Interview with Lubero:
 - Hello. You position yourself as Lyuber?
 - As a former Lyuber, yes.
 - Why, as a "former Lyuber"?
 - With 90go year Lubero movement was gone. Then came other times, other interests, other valuables, and age is already running out.
 - And at what age became Lubero?
 - From the age of 16 were allowed to swing and develop viable. For the 18 years has become a serious fighters, 19 years already Lyuber veteran, and especially after the army on the road to fight, nobody went. These were the "old man", they were commanded by the process from afar.
 - Tell me, what was your work?
 - Healthy lifestyle, sports, fighting the expansion of the spectrum, the training will, commitment to excellence.
 - Expanding the spectrum of combat? But why?
 - A man should be boesposoben, prepared for the army to protect your family and your loved ones.
 - Tell me, in 80 years Moscow roared stories about mass brawl involving Lubero. This is true?
 - Yes I Am. It was the case.
 - Why did it happen?
 - Fighting - it's a side effect of the meetings of various youth subcultures. No one specifically did not want fights. Recreation facilities in Moscow parks, large discos and bars were filled with informal groups who were going there not to ride on the carousel and relax culturally. They gathered in crowds to scratch fists. And suffer from it in the first place normal Muscovites subsequently stopped attending these places.
 - Are you sure that is not exaggerated idea of ​​the aggression informal subcultures?
 - I - a direct participant in the event, with 83 on 87 year. Saw with my own eyes. There's going to crowd the most inveterate hooligans Moscow. Then is was time. Now informals other - quiet.
 - There is much have to read a variety of materials about the time. Apparently, it was very cruel ...
 - Does not compare with the cruelty 90mi years.


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