Otpor gopas

So, again about Gopnik. They Urla, fuckers, redneck, Lubero. Order already podzaebli brain. They gather at the dance, give pi @ dy right people.
Rob us of our girls fuck, devour seeds, drink vodka, smoke drape.
Now the important point - they do not like intellectuals. If someone wearing glasses, a student, a frequenter of the computer club - they do not like these and trying to outrage at the meeting, if not physically, then mentally.
It is time to put an end to them.
I'm here to give a small action plan how to implement it in practice: 1. The team.

We believe that gopa strong physically. Parents have, as a rule, or inveterate drunkard goons, so gopa grown outdoors. That is, run, jump, swim, etc. Gopas do nothing, they themselves go to gyms, swing, in order to meet further hardships of life in the armed.
It is necessary and you do so.
Gym-it brings together the right people, a sort of club. We must choose to go to the gym and exercise, exercise. It is advisable not to allow strangers to walk over the one group that was not left people. The gym should be a boxing bag, carpet for the fight, the crossbar and the bar. The remaining extra trainers.
Going best three times a week. How many of you involved in sports - it will show techniques to those who are not engaged. You can hire a trainer, best sambo and boxing or fighting. Wrestlers should be placed kick.
Karatekas, kickboxers, wushu, kung fu - is not necessary. These winter sports do not work, we live in a northern country, we wear coats and boots.
Naturally, once the result will not appear. But if you work in pairs, spar, on Sunday a couple of hours to play football - after six months training, everything changed, and before you open new horizons.
Gopas kept a flock.
They flock shoblu, zona - and you have a team.
The team should be strong. There must be people like that as "went gopov poganyat" - so he is srachka, then something. And should not be allowed to ride on itself - for example, a guy came - "I gopa offended," you stood up for him, and he then disappeared. No, you help - help you. Can the material.
Well, of course, anyone can voluntarily leave the band. You never know what are the circumstances - in love, for example, a girl wants to just sit on the head and hisses when he spends time with friends.
Let him go, she grinds dumpling, it is not necessary to hold, but a pussy pidaras should receive mandatory. And in general - went away from us - so help me financially, for example, pay for a gym instructor and companions - six months - a year ahead.

2. Tactics.

With Gopnik talk a lot do not. All sorts of phrases like: "Who are you in life?", "Shaw hatched you looking at me?" Or there: & quot; Will complain - snatched by mouth & quot; - it's too much. Do not be distracted by garbage. Just go to the cause.
Basic principles:

 - Outnumbered
 - Surprise
 - Speed ​​
 - The onslaught.

Desirably, it was three to one. In this case, the resistance gopov be ineffective. However, enough of double numerical superiority. In this case, it is desirable to gopov environment, or if it happens in a cafe - that had held intelligence, how many gopov where sitting at the door or away, whether there is a second way out. Intelligence also plays the role of the fifth column, that is, at the same time attack the main forces, but from the rear.
The suddenness of the transition to be achieved immediate decisive action. Nobody should recover. To do this, you must assign roles - do what in the imperial army was called: "Every soldier should stick to his maneuver." For convenience, it will be better if the operation command of one person already has experience of similar operations. And then, with the accumulation of experience, there will be people of your comrades who have proven themselves better than others, well oriented in the atmosphere, act with determination and ingenuity.
Such people must lead the rest.
The suddenness of secrecy is achieved. Do not publicly discuss when and where to go chasing gopov. It is best if the men know about the operation immediately before it. For example, in the gym, which will come to the gym.
By the way, be sure to walk, exercise - it except the training, the collection site.
Everyone should know what to do, when to deal with the gopas prevent police. Or gopov is greater than the reported investigation.
Should be collected at the place, not far from the alleged theater - and after the operation - to meet again, in another place previously conditioned to count the losses boast successes and trophies divided. Those who do not come, you need to look - it is likely the police.
Of course, everyone should keep in mind that to betray his comrades - not good.
It is best if everyone knows for sure - a traitor will Fucked asshole, with a secret that does not remain.
Speed ​​- this is what reduces the risk. If the stretch operation gopov dispersion for half an hour - it will be bad. To Gopnik can come help, police tightened. Everything should be finished in a couple of minutes to five. Operation longer than five minutes - or something on the scale representing the Battle of Stalingrad, or a failing operation.
Waste must be organized, but quickly, and after you have verified that there is no chase gopas is not up to you - in all directions.
The onslaught is to prevent fights alone. In addition, any type experiments, hit - and wait, it will fall or not fall.
Sign of a successful operation - is lying unconscious gopa. Sitting, swearing and threatening "we meet again, shit, etc." should not be.
Gopnik often have a weapon. Knives, nunchaku, gas pistols that fire realties such as altered under melkashku gas industry.
So it is necessary and you do so.
Best of all, in descending order, the following items:
 - Stick to hockey, in the form of a wooden hook;
 - Baseball bat, preferably duralumin;
 - Handle of a shovel;
 - Stick on the wall bars;
 - Rubber truncheons RP-73 or similar, but not small, like private security guards;
 - Sapper shovel;
 - Scrap metal pipe;
 - Scrap reinforcement;
 - A simple hockey stick.
All the rest - knives, nunchaku, knives, flails, brass knuckles, spring batons, etc. - Less effective, besides a cold steel.
Over time, as your environment to stand out from the people who know and love the fight, they must be organized in a special unit, that they take part in the important area of ​​the battle. Also, some people have to be held in reserve in case of unforeseen circumstances. If they capture with a small-caliber ammunition for the converted gas pistols, or something will come up - so be it.

3. Strategy.
Where you live and where your gym - gopov should not be.
Then you need to clear the Gopnik bars, restaurants, markets, railway stations and discos.
And ideally - need you to beat Gopnik, where you can see.
Of course, after a lost battle gopa want revenge - that is, to catch you one.
In this case, you must go on a punitive expedition.
It is desirable, of course, catch the most avid Gopnik, but if there is no hand of your attackers - you can use any gopas, all of them are guilty.
In addition to the gym, make its discos and other places of leisure, where the girls.
Now the girls are not stupid chase Gopnik, and in gratitude they will gladly go with you to the sauna.
Into any agreement, and the negotiations with the other gopas can not enter.
They need to understand that the masters of the situation - you are in your city, they can safely hang out only in their own homes. After that, a new order will be induced, you will only need to go and see all the favorite place about once a day, every two days, so you do not forget.
By the way, train stations are taxi drivers, "filtrovschiki." Nothing bad will happen if they voluntarily will haul you in your business. Taxi drivers are sensitive and prudent people, well remembered as someone who otpizdil.
But you never know who will be able to thank you for a matter of dedication and complete selflessness in the destruction gopnicheskogo movement. Small traders, owners of drinking establishments, representatives of the peoples of the South are just waiting for the case to meet and express respect for authority, serious guys, besides not hooligans and Gopnik.
So that poured, and cigarettes will and seeds mound.

All of you guys are advanced, you know the music, computers. But we must also something different from the "nerds", which gopa to your appearance a little - if not on horseback rode.
Of course, is it possible without music? You can not. The trouble is that those songs you're listening to - metal, hip-hop, all kinds of turnips and raves - they are difficult to sing. In restaurants, where your honor will perform songs, many musicians do not know foreign languages ​​and music. More will approach any domestic song. Personally I do not like "Vladimir Central." Although he melodic, explicit lyrics, easy to remember words and sing along, but still, I prefer "Taganka". There are all sorts of good songs there.
Since you will not only thrash gopov, but also to live, meet girls, etc. - It is necessary that the clothes had some detail, showing that you belong to the advanced people, and you better not mess.
Shaved haircut as "skinheads" - it is not very smart, since the police can show your true face, and to detain all clipped. A short, neat haircut is fine. Of course, the hair must be of such a length that it was impossible for them to grasp.
Wearing a coat, jeans, suits, ties, shoes with high heels, etc.-it is not very convenient. Gopa is not destroyed completely, and may provoke konflikt.Luchshe all suitable tracksuit, preferably dark. Top short leather jacket, the weather can be and black leather jackets, by the way. It saves you from all the materials at hand, such as a fork to pierce her hard, and "a rose" from the bottle too. On -krossovki feet or heavy shoes with rubber soles, although under the tracksuit better still sneakers.
Scarf and tie wearing can not, they are easy to strangle you, anything can happen.
In the fight against Gopnik will not do without victims. Some of you will get to the police station and then to the prison and camp. Such children should not be forgotten. It is necessary to collect money to support them, to bring the girls to the camp, vodka, bumps and more. A longer term for hooliganism in the beginning will not give, so that a year or two comrades back. They also bring with them the songs, rosaries and right views.
And after you have approved of their rights - that of young people who refuse to share with you the money, give a listen to the feature-rich player or diarrhea fashionable thing? And rightly so, nehuy vyёbyvatsya forgotten that - whether, as they are chasing gopa? And if you forget - and can be recalled.

That's all guided by these simple principles, you completely destroy gopnicheskoe movement in their cities.
Do not forget after a complete victory to invite me to the feast, buhnёm, pyhnem, pomurchim, sing "Taganka" Popori Hala.
I'll meet you at the station, I just know I'll be in a sports suit, leather jacket, sneakers and a cap with purses under their arms and rosary in hand.
In any case - a password: & quot; Guys, let seeds & quot ;.

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