Tolerance for humiliation

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"Tolerance is the medical term for the inability of the organism to resist foreign body. Complete tolerance is death.»

Toleratnost to humiliation is being humiliated, and I think it is natural and proper, that is, internally agree with this, and continue the process of humiliation is already inside yourself.

For example, someone said some unflattering things about how I spend my free time. People who this tolerance not indignant in the style of "what is your business?". The other, who are tolerant, will feel a sense of shame or guilt and to push myself even more.

Toleratnost arises as a consequence of attempts to avoid conflict and rejection, and is a means of psychological protection themselves from a new attack from the outside, that is, the principle "I will be most convenient for you and you won't tell me shit". That is, I'd better attack yourself, than give back to you.

For the weak little man to fight back parents — the unsafe action in a situation where his whole life depends on the parents. It is unsafe to give back to the one from whom you depend. What is actually wonderful to enjoy the employers and the powers that be and the spouses, with dependents in his care. And of course parents. Actually, it's called abuse of power.

But this pattern of behavior, i.e. attitude, fixed like a pretty functional way to protect, and is often used where there is not. For example, as I depend on friends? Or as I depend on the wife, if in fact I can be self-sufficient? Or even more as I depend on my grandmother at the entrance?

Of the phenomenon of tolerance is directly connected vulnerability. If I did the attack, I have forever inside an open wound of inferiority, and is someone just to raise your voice to me, to look askance — I have already mortally wounded. In fact, in such a situation man is not protecting himself, the other by his indignation as a reaction to disrespect. Not much of a lawyer and the other who is attacking me from the height of his conceit. In fact, the striker didn't ask him to justify and defend, moreover, if he has enough aggression to attack, and to defend it himself without your help. The rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning.

Stopping to defend himself as usually a bad experience where my outrage was suppressed by those in power. And people with such experience do not risk again to check, will he be able to defend themselves or not, or to train your skill of self-defense. Plus added to this is the belief that I'm really sad shit. And here precisely is to remember the parable about the two wolves. If you feed a wolf by the name of "sad shit", and it is growing. published 

Author: Anna Paulsen

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