Pedophilia, as the norm - children's project Ulitskaia

A quote from the book for children: "The man, who did not get a woman takes in the" wife "of the boy. Boy's wife performs in the house all the female function, and when it reaches adulthood, becomes a warrior and he can get married. If you're lucky - a woman. And no - so, too, gets himself a boy. " - A passage from the children's book "The Other. Other. On the other, "published under the Children's Project Lyudmila Ulitskaya designed to teach our children tolerance.

In the book, as a norm, served homosexuality, but that's not all. As if in between times, children are told that: "But in Africa, pedophilia - this is the norm," and all, the author does not give their assessments of the "norm". Pedophilia - is the future norm of tolerance? Unfortunately, it's not random excesses of some freaks, and came to us from the West trend that reversed in full in our country.

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Not so long ago had a chance to learn from concerned colleagues Ulyanovsk that is sweeping the country, one of our very "progressive" cultural and ideological initiative. Widely so sweeping. From region to region. And in each region is fixed on the fact that neither has a solid, respectable level. That is, with the support and direct participation of the highest regional authorities - governors and ministers of culture - and not just anywhere, but in the central regional scientific library. (Which is logical, since the library as everyone knows, it is center of culture. And the engine of progress, of course.) Called these things progressive initiative "center of tolerance", and spread it in the twelve Russian regions: Saratov, Kursk, Kemerovo, etc. in Ulyanovsk - just now. And promoting this very tolerance expanses of Russia "Institute of Tolerance". There is a charitable foundation, if someone does not know. It is located in Moscow, at the Library of Foreign Literature. M.Rudomino, lead, as well as the library itself, Ms. Ekaterina Genieva and he came not from "nowhere", but directly from the Soros Foundation. From most of the "Open Society", which seems to be ceased its operations in Russia in 2003. However, stopping, he gave the most sacred hands Ms. Genieva - lady, known for its nailiberalneyshimi convictions. Agree, it is also logical. Who else and pass something?

You ask, what is most sacred to George Soros? What gave this genius of financial speculation? Really ... But never have guessed! The ideology he passed. More precisely, an ideological "promotion." Promotion and consolidation in the minds of Russian citizens "right" ideas. Those that will finally - this is how many times we have heard a noble purpose - to overcome our incompatibility with the West. You want to merge with the West in the arms? No?! Do not want to? .. Hold on a "special"? .. Well here it is you and will help to overcome! And as to you, people adults, thing to have a chore - you hurt too hidebound in their cultural prejudices! - It will take the first thing young people and children. And there you are, you see, will be tightened. Where to go for you! Somehow.

Well, about Soros' books do not have to tell, they are still in our memory. And a generation brought up on them - it is impossible not to see - really for the most part "cultural recruited by". However, we see more: Soros launched a process of "izbytiya" historical identity is not just gaining momentum. It seeks deeper personality, because the goal - to crush and remove the behavioral stereotypes.
This is what occupied "center of tolerance" and, incidentally, does not conceal the fact. Here, you see, the thing is. If you (that is, do not you, of course, but Ms. geniuses and its ideological and every sponsor) need to work with the person as a cook with potatoes, the main thing - do it openly and fearlessly. So that everything on your "black" after you say "white". Or even "golden." Admired the graceful movements of your hands, expecting miraculous results, woven took you in air mirage for reality ...

Here you arrive in the Volga region, with its dozens of national, pronounce the magic word "tolerance", saying a more "forty barrels of prisoners" of the alleged wondrous world experience this very tolerance, if the contradiction: ethnic, social and all sorts - and this will seasonable weather, ... it is that no one, perhaps, will not ask, and where she worked, this is your tolerance? It is somewhere in the world has become less misery, suffering, injustice, violence and hatred? Well ... in some of those places where you have a long and hard at teaching people to "be tolerant»?

No, do not ask - Having heard! Zasmotryatsya and read. Well you also will bring books, huh? Well this is a library! Central. And do not forget, science! So, on the books. Ulyanovsk Central Scientific Library of Lenin to the opening of another "Tolerance Center", this celebration of goodness and tolerance ... in short, have been brought to book. Not for you - for your children, elementary and middle school students. Beautifully published a series of four books - Children's Project Lyudmila Ulitskaya (also known lady and vysokoliberalnaya).

Thus, a series under the title "Other. Other. About the others. " Just these books (especially one of them dedicated to the diversity of family life - we're guessing that if tolerance have tolerance for all "other", it is everything, and that "everything" includes, for example, our habitual notions of family) and strained Ulyanovsk parents. They began to read about a variety of marriage (well, you know), and found that in addition to the detailed information of their children to all forms and kinds of intimate life of adults, "the data in a fun lively manner", as well as through the story, too, not every parent is perceived as a sample of pedagogy, the book poses and very very questionable "things».

For example, a detailed account of how the African peoples have Zande, where polygamy is permitted, but women are not enough, a man, a woman who did not get, taking in the "wife" of the boy. Boy's wife performs in the house all the female function, and when it reaches adulthood, becomes a warrior and he can get married. If you're lucky - a woman. And no - so, too, gets the boy himself. "Do not think that homosexual marriages were between men only, - continues the work of education clever book - in other African tribes, for example, the panda, made the marriage of women." And that really has zatolerantit children, the author describes the ... V.Timenchik incest. Pretty detail describes. This is the right of children to information, you then! And - a guarantee for the future. "I do not want my son was among those who beats homosexuals rocks!" - Pathetically exclaims Mom anthropologist, on behalf of which the story is told, the main positive character through the plot.

You see, Ulyanovsk parents thought it was propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia ... And would you - no? I've also considered. Apparently, the lack of tolerance ...

And, feeling a lack of this as a flaw, I wondered what was wrong with me? I began to think about tolerance, interest in it, climbed to the Internet, esteemed encyclopedia. I remembered when I first heard this little word (in the restructuring - it could sometimes pompously throw Balts as an allusion to something they know and peculiar, but conspicuously absent from the present "barbarians"). I read, finally, a fundamental document - the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance, adopted by UNESCO in 1995 ... and that's me finished off. That is, I knew before, that the notorious tolerance, of which the last fifteen years referred to as the immutable good and obligatory duties - in fact, bullshit, and at the same time extremely dangerous idea. I understand that feeds on the topic a huge number of sociologists, psychologists, teachers and career seekers just that grants are streams, and this is not casual. Yet the scale of blatant substitution appreciated only now.

That made this a truly totalitarian promoting new ideology - the ideology of "tolerance" - as the Declaration of 1995 caves for thousands of years developed the values ​​and taboos, replacing the established mechanisms of coexistence of other communities, ostensibly to put an end to the era of wars and move to an era of peace and actually plunges the world into a new chaos, it is necessary to write separately. It is clear that famously publicized "magic method" now gives bad results. But more about that in the next article.

Here I would like to agree that the promotion of "the court tailors" in our region it is time to stop. What it is already too much - the twelve areas - covered by exuberant activity "tolerantschikov" through alone library! But there are universities and other terms of rooting pernicious ideology. And there practiced techniques, seminars, written term papers - all as the doctor ordered.

The forces are reformatted before our eyes our cultural environment, it postmodern introducing alien viruses, operate very smoothly and is calculated on the immune weakening of the Russian post-Soviet social organism. It is very important to carry out retaliatory too smoothly and also system actions. The attack on the family can not reflect only snatched from the hands of the guardianship of individual children. Because even if it will work out, always and everywhere (in the hopes that the PBC), returned today to the family of the children will go to school tomorrow, and there they know "a lot of new and interesting" from books such as cited above. And they will be "stolen" from their parents for the second time. Perhaps forever. Because the line is interrupted cultural inheritance. And the fact that mom and dad were obvious and indisputable that was evaluative framework of their personalities, their children will cause only confusion, misunderstanding. Here you have the links open within the same family. That is its destruction. By hook or by crook ...

Do you know what it was until recently the basic meaning of the word "tolerance", issued at the request of a dictionary? Medical dictionary! After word came out (which we used retroactively or "singing" about the supposedly ancient history of this term as it is philosophical).

Tolerance (tolerance) - a reduction or complete absence of the normal reaction to any drug or other substance that causes the manifestation of certain symptoms in the body. For example, tolerance to drugs (drug tolerance) may develop as a result of long-term use of any medication. To be effective, the patient must constantly increase the dose of the drug received. Some drugs that cause human tolerance, and may also lead to the development of dependence on them (The Big Explanatory Medical Dictionary).

"Immunological tolerance (lat. Tolerantia - patience, endurance) - the loss or weakening of the ability of the organism to an immune response to the antigen as a result of previous exposure to the same antigen. It was opened in 1949-1953 years. Australian scientists Burnette and Fenner (F.M.Burnet, FJFenner) and British researchers Billinghemom, Brent and Medawar (R.E.Billingham, L.Brent, P.V.Medawar). For this discovery Medawar and Burnett in 1960 was awarded the Nobel Prize "(Medical Encyclopedia).

The loss or weakening of the ability of the organism to an immune response ... that's what this is about! So let's not wait until the fraudsters-globalizers will next Nobel Peace Prize for the loss of our social organism the ability to "immune response". Let's start to do something on this front. Ulyanovsk Governor a letter of protest about the newly opened "Tolerance Center" we have already sent. You're taking the first step and in other regions. But it will be only the first step!



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