Men who entered history as the conqueror of female hearts

Men who entered history as the conqueror of female hearts, do not always possess the heroic appearance. What causes women to give them up without a fight?

Publius Ovid Naso

The Roman poet became famous primarily for its vibrant personal life. He wrote: "Believe that thousands of women will not stand not alone. She survives, it will not stand, but any nice if miscalculation and out, it does not threaten ... »

Numerous studies confirm today sekologov: the main thing - do not take themselves too seriously. By sex, they are advised to approach, as if it were a game. We need to relax: humorous comments in a sexual relationship are welcome, and simple and foolish attitude without the long run very often add up quite well. Khan

The founder of the Mongol empire had a harem of 2,000 concubines, and I must say, for a night with a woman, even the master of fighting.

But one of the techniques of sexual relations, sometimes with great success used by men. Impact and tough enough to touch the body (for example, a bar or while dancing) can break a woman's instinct of primitive savagery, and she quickly agrees to sex, as if obeying.

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova

Name of the Italian writer of the eighteenth century became a household nickname male revelers, and yet historians have estimated that women Casanova was not so incredibly much - 122 for 39 years. It was said that in his house hung a lot of mirrors: Casanova knew that when a woman is busy with her appearance, she will begin to think about sex. In addition, the writer well versed in aphrodisiacs: in the course were candles, colored lanterns, sensual aromas, oysters and champagne.

Marquis de Sade

Frenchman Marquis de Sade went down in history as the ideologue of sadism. Marquis himself had a reputation among his contemporaries amateur group orgy, often takes the form of this sophisticated theater, heralded with great ingenuity.

Some experts in the field of human sexuality believe that sex is sometimes perceived by women as something wrong, unpleasant, uninteresting. And one way to handle it is considered sexual games, skits, transforming sex as if in acting. In this game a woman is easier to relax or get a particularly stormy orgasm.

Board of Sexology: "If you do not know where to start sexual games, try to look together with a partner and as a pornographic film would jokingly ask her to bring to life some of the scenes.

Charlie Chaplin

Officially, Charlie Chaplin was married four times. In this fourth wife Chaplin was younger than his 36 years, and the number of women who were willing to give the artist the first signal, just rolls. And surprisingly - Chaplin objective was far from the standard of male beauty, also had a small growth.

Modern scholars believe that it was the man's huge charisma Chaplin, made up of the wit and naturalness. Women really like it if a man can easily sneer on their shortcomings and not over-emphasize dignity.

John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy himself, speaking about himself, he wrote, "do not say that I'm a nice rest." And he was essentially right. But John F. Kennedy has a specific quality that modern psychologists call the "aura of power." It was she who, in their view, gives the man magnetism unequivocally affects women. "The woman automatically selects the man capable to take care of her offspring, so it is obvious that the leader - the best choice for her," - says Ingrid Collins, a psychologist at the London Medical Centre.

That is curious: experts insist that the aura of power is not a factor in the high post. It is a matter of internal energy and confidence men. Confident man does not shoot his eyes around the room, his voice is high and irritable. His specialty - restraint, which speak louder than words.


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