It's not so safe

We all understand that it is harmful to cross the street without looking in front of it on both sides, or ingest chemicals that people are usually under the kitchen sink. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of things at first glance, quite harmless, but, nevertheless, carrying us obvious harm. Many of them we can do consistently.

Wake up alarm clock

Many people wake up every morning alarm clock to have time to work or study, and get enough sleep on the weekend for the whole week. But according to researchers, it is the bad habits: many people the amount of sleep on weekdays and weekends too different. According to experts, such a violation of natural circadian rhythms makes people weaker and increases the risk of obesity.
A study in Japan showed that the effect could be not only a violation of the circadian rhythm - abrupt awakening hurts more and heart. When the alarm clock waking blood pressure rises, do you immediately find yourself in a "state of alert" that the organism is not too good.
If you really need to wake up early and go to bed early for some reason is not possible, to maintain good health even more useful to find a way to wake up slowly.

Wearing flip-flops

Flip Flops - a very popular summer footwear, primarily because they are comfortable, breathable and usually cheap. The bitter truth is that the Vietnamese "kill" legs.
For a start, thongs flip flops tend to pass between the toes that can cause painful blisters and cuts. But most doctors are concerned that while walking legs flip flops do not provide adequate support.
Flip Flops for the most part are ordinary piece of rubber in the shape of a foot, plus a few straps to keep your feet. At the same time these shoes are not bends in the right places, and the cheapest models do not bend at all.
The position that the feet have to take while walking to flip-flops are not flew, not too helpful: Orthopedists warn that constant wearing flip flops bad for your posture, so that the flip-flops in the end can lead to various pains in the joints and other related problems.
This, of course, does not mean that you should abandon forever flops or slippers, but experts say they should be worn in specific situations, even in the summer is better to choose proper footwear. And if you still want to wear flip flops in the summer all the time, do not take the money to a model designed to support the foot.


If you are reading this article, then, is likely to sit. Moreover, many of you will probably spend most of the day sitting. According to researchers, it is very harmful: a recent study found that people who sit a minimum of 23 hours per week, are more prone to heart disease. Most of the subjects exercise regularly, but also quite a lot of sitting.
Some researchers also noted that the risk of cardiovascular disease is subject to anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. All parts of the body should always be used to staying healthy: the more time you are inactive, the worse for your heart.

Often take a shower

Many people wash every day, sometimes several times - in today's society there is a perception that it is useful. Of course, we do not mean that you can not wash at all, but modern science has shown that frequent soaping the body and dousing it with water is not too good for the body.
On the body are not only the "bad" bacteria, but also the "good" that the body needs - essential natural skin lubricant, but from frequent washing may appear dry, and later - eczema.
The soap can wash away from the body and bad bacteria and good. Incidentally, the shampoo is not too useful. Experts believe that the souls should be directly related to physical activity - in other words, should be washed, because you need it, not because you're used to doing it at a certain time.

Wearing a backpack

Generations of schoolchildren are in school textbooks and school supplies in a backpack. Many children wear a backpack in kindergarten and, figuratively speaking, are not removed until the end of school.
Unfortunately, this may explain why so many people appear chronic back problems at a young age. Annually due backpacks starts to hurt the back of thousands of people, and especially children.
You can mitigate the damage, even if for some reason refuse backpack problematic. Ideal position backpack - five centimeters above the waist, and all the belts should be tightened properly. In addition, children are advised to wear a backpack only what is really necessary, to not carry extra weight on yourself.

Wear sunglasses cheap

We do not want to say that any harmful sunglasses, on the contrary: good points provide the necessary protection for your eyes. However, ophthalmologists believe that cheap glasses from ultraviolet radiation, protect - with the same success they can not wear at all.
As a rule, when you look at a bright light, the eye screw up one's eyes to protect themselves, and if you are wearing glasses, the eyes open and allow light to act on them. Cheap sunglasses are not normal protective coating, and thus not only protect from the sun, but also allow them to work freely on the eye.
Some cheap sunglasses claim to be high quality, but the studies were conducted: none glasses, which you can buy on the market at bargain prices, does not inspire confidence.

Light candles

For a long time the candles were needed because electricity people were not, and cover the dark room once had - no sun and heat, light and joy you want. When there were light bulbs, the fashion to use candles to create a romantic atmosphere and aromatherapy.
Unfortunately, these so-called advantages make candles dangerous: they can easily cause a fire in the house, and every year because of their spoiled property worth hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.
You can say that as long as you follow the candles, then everything will be fine. But sometimes there are simply poor-quality candles, and that started the fire, just enough to escape for a moment. More alarming, according to recent research, is that paraffin-based candles toxic gases - such as benzene.
To candles less harmful, the researchers propose to ventilate the room, as well as to use them as little as possible - so be able to reduce the amount of toxic fumes to a minimum.

There rice

Rice - the most common food: eating it throughout the world, so the idea that rice can be harmful, at first glance seems quite absurd. Source of the problem is at the molecular level is harmful not the rice, pesticides and fertilizer for its cultivation.
Just a couple of years ago, «Consumer Reports» conducted a study for arsenic in food: in the rice and products based on it provides a particularly high level of organic and inorganic arsenic - a cocktail of toxins.
For those who try to eat only healthy food, the results are even more alarming - in brown rice arsenic even more than in white. According to experts, children and pregnant women should be especially careful, but even healthy adults should eat no more than one bowl of rice a week.



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