The mouse to practice

I wound up in the winter in the house mouse. (I live in the private sector). I do not know why, but did not want any poison or trap set or run to the kitchen cat. "Well - thought - also because living creature." But to delineate controlled territory, put down the saucer, which slipped in all sorts of different grub.
A neighbor saw the hint and began to graze in the catering department, and not stupidly rustling and it is unclear what is not clear where. But first sharpener their rations or in my absence, either (a couple of times lohanulas) at the sight of my little gray torpedo was flying for the refrigerator. Tiny such cool - three centimeters.
It took a couple of months. The first fear was gone. Appeared in the behavior of a certain swagger and unique understanding of the moment "Yeah. Do not wet. So - or I need, or host - a weakling and a goof. " And the gradual development of new territories. That is, regardless of the presence of food in the appointed place, gray could climb up on the table. In general, there was nothing to catch even the crumbs do not podharchishsya. Is that a knife could lie with the smell of the product. Therefore, the development of - I think - it was a matter of principle.
I was just curious already, although the situation has ceased to be touched at all. Pure research interest.
Over the next month, this sassy little thing already if and ran when I appeared, then slowly and as if by habit. In addition, she developed two concubine.
Today came home in the afternoon. Sit all three beauties on the table (in a saucer full of food on the floor), and insolently at me zyryat.
Kapets. The experiment is over. I went to a minute for the cat.
P.S. Absolute blueprint of human relations. Sniff - potestit on the "weak" - made some conclusions. Not even bothering to thought, and "weak" or whether it is simply curious.


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