The fairest court in the world

There are places in Kiev, where the land is still in price, despite anything to the trends and developments in the field of real estate. And, in a very good price. For example, in Pechersk hills - at eighty thousand dollars for sotochku. Because prestigious place, I would even say, pathetic. Kiyani know, but for those who do not know, I will inform you - "peresichnih gromdyan" there is already almost gone. Because it does not hook or by crook squeezed them out. Someone paid something. But often enough (because not all want to move out, even for good money) people simply "replayed" in court.
As did, in particular, one of the occupants of the hills with thirty years of experience. Since twenty acres of land in this place - it hurts too tidbit. House, naturally modest, such there too, and you will not find (and what could be the teacher), but it is not the aim. And so, during the year, it is first selected by the court of the house, which defines the mother and son. Sued in favor of a distant relative who was not even present in the court.
And on Monday, April 22 held another act of this farce. Another, but not the last. Bailiffs in the presence of the police began to carry two women out of the house on blankets. Elder became ill. I had to call an ambulance, and only after that the eviction was suspended. Yet.
When once faced a similar shit, there is a feeling that you live in this country quietly exactly as long as you yourself, or your business, or property will not be the subject of "strategic interests".


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