Creativity in the grocery store can not buy

Suffer from traffic jams, not only we (though, can someone enjoys). Residents quite prosperous countries also face this unpleasant phenomenon. And as far as trying to seek ingenuity way out. And as an option with flashing lights in the West somehow not accepted, are more unconventional methods.
For example, a fairly well-known British TV presenter Noel Edmonds bought a defunct his black cab taxi. Not much of a car, but he has a very significant advantage. Taxi, under license, has the right to travel on public transport lane. In principle, Noel has no such right, but if you do not break the ... Why stop peacefully riding a taxi. About Edmonds guided by such considerations, buying an exotic vehicle. And he began to travel from Bristol, where he lives, to work in the studio.
And he was right. But only half. Law enforcement officers did not show any interest to him. But wishing to travel not only actively vote, but fiercely resented that completely empty taxi rushes past.
But here, found a way out. he bought a mannequin, dressed up a little it secured in the hand microphone arm secured to the ear - and the passenger is ready. And for the winter season even properly dressed their pupils - hat, coat. Everything is as it should be.
Without realizing it, Noel was involved in the game you like and went on - gave passenger name Candice, built for her Twitter account. Described preferences and character traits. More - more. It is planned to give her friend not to miss in life. A friend took the composer to write a song. Ready script for the show, pancake.
Do you remember how it all began? With a simple desire to quickly get to the place of work. But all that creative people. Can go to the store for some bread and return to the ready to plot megahit. This is not a ride with flashing lights.


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