200th anniversary of the appearance of the first pictures (20 photos)

From ancient times, people wanted to capture the beautiful moments of your life, natural phenomena express the sense of beauty through the material form. So the poets write poetry, compose music composers and artists embody perfect on the canvas. With the invention of the camera and the development of photography it became more real. The history of photography has many attempts, before the creation of the first photo, to reproduce the process of photographing when exploring mathematics optics refraction found out that the image is flipped, if you miss it in the dark room through a small hole.

We offer to view pictures that influenced the development of photography in general.

alleged that Joseph Nicephore Niepce took this photo, rather, heliograph, even in 1825, it captures the man, leading to about a horse.

A year later NiƩpce created the first photograph of the real environment - the view from his window. This will require an 8-hour exposure.

In 1838, the year another Frenchman - Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, using their technology of the daguerreotype, was the author of the first picture with the image of man. If you look closely, at the corner of Boulevard du Temple to see a man with a raised leg. Perhaps he cleaned shoes.

First portrait of a man turned out to be a self-portrait of the American inventor and photographer Robert Cornelius. The exact date of the picture is unknown, but there is no later than mid-autumn 1839 year.

The first woman, appeared in pictures - Dorothy Draper Keytrin which photographed her brother and a famous American photographer John Draper. By the way, in the same 1839.

The first erotic photo dates from 1850 year. Its author - the Frenchman Felix Jacques Antoine Moulin.

Briton Roger Fenton became not only one of the founders of the art of photography in the UK, but is considered to be the first war photographer. In 1855, the year with the assistant Roger went to the Crimean War on the instructions of the publisher. Here is a photo of his van. During the war the photographer managed to make more than 300 large-size negatives.

But this photo 1850 affected more on medicine than the picture. Phineas Gage - the usual construction of a railway, through the skull which had a metal rod (see photo). The story of Phineas, after surviving such an injury and spent another 12 years, is considered the first scientific expertise of doctors about the impact on the frontal lobes of the human personality. The skull of Phineas is still on display at Harvard.

The next two photos of dispute between the right to be called the first photograph taken in Asia. The first picture shows a pontoon bridge across the Indus River, which connects the territory of modern India and Pakistan, the city of Attock. According to unconfirmed reports, photo made in 1861.

And on the second depicts the fort Lahore there in Pakistan. Date 1864 Year contested by historians downward.

1865 year - the first underwater photo taken by William Thompson (pictured) in the UK

The first color photograph taken by the physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1861.

In 1893 it was made the first photo in the professional studio. Location and author unknown.

Photo of the first presidential inauguration. Photo taken in 1864 during the second inauguration of Abraham Lincoln.

The first color photo of real objects "Landscape of Southern France" (dichromate method) - Louis Ducos du Oron in 1877, the year.

The first aerial photograph made in 1858, the year Gaspard-Felix Turnashon, depicting the panorama of Paris.

A better shot - James Blake Wallace of Boston, USA, 1860

First picture of the cosmos is made from board V-2 rocket on 24 October 1946. The photo shows Mexico. The missile is launched Americans.

The first digital photograph was created in 1957 by American Russell Kirsch. In fact. It was the usual photograph, scanned into an electronic format.


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