On the intricacies of the waiter

Interesting story in the first person about the intricacies
profession waiter firsthand.

On Duties

The main feature of the work of the waiter - its time. Very rare to find people,
willing to work as a waiter all his life; I, in general, are not going to.
As soon as I shall add a diploma in a couple of months, I find something else.
On the other hand, I do not regret the time I spent in the restaurant:
it was useful - for example, I am now well versed in wine and somehow learned to cook.
And in general is nice. We have very few who have worked for more than two years - people are constantly coming and going,
and so everywhere in Moscow. I know a few places where the waiters are delayed for a long time:
cafe "branch", "Propaganda" and "People like people." Usually the waiter - a student or dropped out
a young man, but more often a girl. More work part time waiters young designers,
journalists and so on - those who find it difficult to find a good job without much experience.
They are usually two or three days a week working, and in the rest of the time trying to find a job
by specialty and work part time here and there.
My responsibility is to take orders from five tables and bring back food.
This, of course, does not mean that if I podzovёt someone from the audience, I do not go up:
rigid attachment of the waiters to the tables left in the year 2005.
Well, it is necessary to know the menu because of what is done cooking technology that acute that lean.
And especially the wine list, because over the choice of wine people, especially foreigners,
turn it to the waiter.
Each new waiter sommelier reads something like a lecture about our wines.
Well, plus it is necessary to take care of their appearance, especially nail because
waiter hands constantly in sight.
And yet that was not the red-eye. That's all my professional duties.
Well still have to know English at a decent level, but I think that this requirement is not always there.

On the chart

When to get a job, the first month you - trainee, you can only take
dirty dishes and change the ashtray, then sdaёsh sort of exam
and becomes a normal waiter.
I work three days a week: come one hour before the opening, nine in the morning,
for the delay - a fine and leave after closing, ten with something.
In general, the working conditions are highly dependent on the specific restaurant or cafe:
for example, the conditions for the existence of personnel Novikova terrible.
And in the "Pushkin" is rumored to be in general gloom in some sense snobbish attitude of visitors and managers.

About visitors

Restaurant where I work, all readers are likely to know.
I can not say what it is called, because it is unlikely managers will enjoy this story.
This place is not the most expensive: we can have dinner for four hundred rubles,
and eat during the hours when there is no daily menu - seven hundred.
Visitors relevant: the middle class, a certain number of young people,
Managers at lunchtime, family and intellectuals drinking on weekends.
As a rule, in the hall sits at least one foreigner.
Foreigners deal nicer all: they always say thank you
and never scandals. Tipping is left strictly 10% of the bill.
Leave it to 10%, probably in some Moscow Guide is written that they have read.
In fact, if all the visitors were expatriates, life waiter would be easy
and pleasant, though, maybe there would be less money.

About tёlochkah

Interesting pattern - the younger guest, so it is usually polite.
A couple of 20-year-old students, although they are unlikely to leave a decent tip,
almost always much nicer to maintain than a 50-year-old businessman.
But the darkness - it tёlochki. We have a special term,
Woman indicating twenty - twenty-five years old, came with a big man in his forties.
All and say, "Oh, tёlochka come." Thank God, we have hookahs and Japanese cuisine,
so that these comes a little, but if by chance read "Bill" and pritaschat her man
in the "hip". Tёlochki always cranky, rude, loud require satellite
leave a smaller tip and never greet and thank.
Most scribe - if there tёlochki leopard clutch.
This means that it supersterva and over the next two o'clock will turn you inside out.
I do not know why they are so leopard clutch, but this law is working correctly.

About food and cook

Lunch break we have, but we can notify the manager and
leave for twenty minutes into the kitchen, where the waiters are preparing separate meals:
not the most luxurious dishes from the menu, of course, but pretty well.
Usually some soup and pasta or stew. There can be any number.
But how to eat will never get because a hurry to go back to the gym.
Well, in general, is not very convenient to eat, when there always someone running, bring the dirty dishes,
carry ready-made meals, cook loudly talking to each other and waiters, Tajiks wash dishes and
still have time to smoke.
Everyone dreams of becoming a bartender waiter or manager of the restaurant, but do not cook.
Become a chef without connections and good - and it is very expensive - education seriously,
and the usual chef come to work at five o'clock to get the products, check their quality,
start doing the workpiece and work before closing on a small kitchen, making ten things at once.
And all this - with a salary of forty to sixty thousand rubles.

About wages and tips

My official salary - thirteen thousand rubles.
Those who work on schedule "two by two", it is a little higher, but no one has more than twenty.
The rest - a tip, although it is quite unpredictable thing.
As a result, in the last month I have recruited thousands forty or fifty.
Waiters favorite activity - to argue how much tip to leave every visitor,
but even experienced people are often wrong.
Once grandfather ordered a cup of the American left over seven hundred rubles account.
I thought he was confused, show him a figure in the long run,
and he told me: "Son, I walked well, now it's your turn».
The biggest tip in my short career - two thousand.
The company came out of ten people something to celebrate, the score was thirteen thousand,
they put three pieces of paper and left five.
About every fifth visitor did not leave a tip or leave the iron fines.
More often pay cards and also did not leave.
In principle, it is possible to ask for a debit card tips, but she never got used.
In general, all this fuss with a tip - solid hassle.
For example, in England fee, seventeen percent, it seems,
usually included in the bill, so the tip was left optional.
So convenient and guest: do not need to calculate, paid in a row and left,
and the waiter because he always knows how many will work this month.
By the way, if you are dissatisfied with the service, you can request to remove from the account the money.
We also have a system of fines for waiters: late, for rudeness guests,
for talking in the hall, but actually levied these fines are very rare, very very egregious cases.
For all anyone talks never fined. In my opinion, a pleasant,
When the waiter talking to each other and bartenders than if standing at attention behind.


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