Cruise ship, Caribbean and routine working day

Hello everybody. My name is Dima (Dmytro or (accent on the "i"), I was on a ship called the most)
The post in which I want to show you one of the days spent on the cruise ship Carnival Dream as an employee of the restaurant service.

Preface: I chose this day, not by chance. Later you will learn why. Position assistant waiter (busboy), includes a lot of responsibilities and change jobs (from working in canteens for staff, room service (food delivery to the cabins) and finishing work on the 10th deck, where there are different kinds of buffets, pizzeria , sandwich, etc.). At the end of my contract I worked in the so-called «Bistro team». This day shows a life (work and leisure) busboy who works in the bistro team.

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1. Depending on the day (we stand in port or at sea all day) I wake up in different ways, but usually half an hour before work. It is very hard to get up at 6 am, so long stood for nearly a quarter.

2. Photo sleepy myself in the mirror.

3. Cabins have a small, but enough space. I washed and dressed for work.

4. Almost a standard pattern - my staff came in early room service (which we noted in the operator) and drink coffee (or have already had a drink and wait for those who are still drinking). This girl from Ukraine.

5. The night shift room service during the whole work. And I'm going to the 6th floor for 3, where the main galley (kitchen + main ship dishwasher).

6. On the line we are waiting for about 200 orders. Guests night before hung on door handles orders for breakfast, which indicate that they want, quantity, delivery time, your name and cabin number. Night Shift "room service" (where I once worked, too) puts trays with napkins, they placed orders with cards, mugs, spoons, cereal, sugar, cream cups - all under orders on the cards. We took turns taking orders and can report the rest (yogurt, coffee, tea, bananas, bread, butter, milk, etc.). Cards with the orders placed to the time (usually from 5: 30-10: 00).

7. Standard simple order ...

8.Koridor cabin guests, which I am order. This time I had the order at the front of the ship. Because the place from which we take bookings is closer to the rear of the ship, I have to go through almost the entire ship, and it's not close. But I love these orders, because I can go back on the open 4th deck and relax a bit.

9. Order delivered, I even left a tip is not bad ($ 4). Great start to the day! (but, unfortunately, I then did not have much luck with the tip). The inscription on the card «Rise and Shine» - nedoslovno "Awake and Sing" in our opinion.

10. Here is the opening of the fourth deck. Left rescue boat, the fresh air ...

11. ... about. St Martin on the horizon, and then swim up.

12. Sometimes I go back and other decks (in the ship)


14. At the next road to the delivery, I meet a friend from the Philippines (I have with it is another story dating, so I decided to take a picture with him as a souvenir).

15. Sent Martin - view from the deck of our ship

16. All orders are smashed - demolish the remnants of reserves back to Room Service.

17. Since this is my last week on the ship, I photographed many. Our supervisor (matron), assistant head waiter and me.

18. Oh, and before each start and after work, we celebrate in a special apparatus. The clock 9:31.

19. I go to his cabin A-561

20. change clothes quickly and at 10am we have friends outside of the ship

21. In the port of many people, as is 4 large ship, one of whom Oasis of the Seas - the most extensive liner in the world. Little girls in green offer to try the coconut cocktail. I tried it before, but I always take the tradition of free probnichki. Since this is my last St. Martin (well, and the port at all) on this ship, I bought myself a cup of this delicious «coconut smoothie».

22. We go to the beach (one of the few of our ports, where the beach is relatively far away, and there you can walk).


24. Before you go swimming, we decided to sit on the internet. Wi-fi catches of bars Honky-Tonk. In the photo are my friends.

25. And here I am. I am talking on Skype with his father. He has a birthday today. Congratulations .. =)

26. Segvei (Segway) are quite popular here (I did once ride).

27. Finally, we went swimming and jumping off the pier ...

28. In the distance are seen cruise ships (including ours - first)


30. Then we went to walk the streets of Philipsburg. Some pictures of girls, I decided (many of them even posed for me, as it turned out =)))

31. Rarity to photograph

32. On the way to the ship, I saw mountain goats. I have always seen them sometimes, they really wanted to suck me in that day, and fortunately ...


34. It is time to back to the ship. Ahead of two days at sea.

35. Trap ...

36. Of course, we immediately ran to the hungry in the canteen, but alas too late for 7 minutes. Line items. Time 13:37.

37. But we have friends working there, and they have given something to eat.

38. Even in this day all staff were open waterslides. Before that I was already several times, and did not want to miss another opportunity.


40. There remains an hour before the start of the work, I decided to listen to music, but of course the same, fell asleep. Luckily, I'm always looking for some alarm for such a case.

41. Another «Clock in» before proceeding.

42. In the evening, all of the bistro team working on the 10th floor called LIDO, where there is a restaurant Gathering. It is the place which contains different buffets and fast food places. I would like to note that all the food on the ship free (ie included in the price of the cruise), so guests eat a lot.

43. Most of the waiters are engaged in cleaning the tables after guests. My job is to group glasses and mugs and replenishment stations with drinks. Work is not very heavy, but it is there all the time, without stopping. Often it is necessary to wash the cup itself (using the dishwasher, of course) when the dishwasher is not enough time to deal with cups.


45. Here is our typical station with drinks (beverage station), which has a unit 6. Here juice (but in the evening only lemonade and iced tea), the machine with ice and water machine, coffee (regular and decaf) + hot water Tea still has the machine for preparation of hot chocolate. I need all of them to fill up and dry.

46. ​​View of the institution. Bottom line is visible which opens at 6 pm.

47. Oasis of the seas sails - a thrilling spectacle. People wave to each other from airliners.

48. I had to absent himself in a toilet - I went for the guest area. Housekeeping is in full swing.

49. View from the 9th floor to the 3rd (lobby).

50. At 21:00 I have dinner. The dining room staff was nothing there (and my more recent employees removed under way), so I took a meal with LIDO (where before it worked).


52. Ate - you need to go back to work. You're not much. The photo below is my friend from Indonesia, rather Bali. His name is Putu he galley steward (Dishwasher).

53. Also, on our ship on Wednesdays at 10 pm this razvlekalovka held for guests, as a Mexican fiesta. It's basically a massive dance + a contest. It's all happening on the 10th deck, so I got out of the restaurant to the pool to take pictures.

54. Also on Wednesdays at 11 o'clock opens Mexican buffet. It's very beautiful, although more work for waiters, and of all the rest, too. Indianets ice.

55. A cut from the watermelon ...




59. At 23:00 comes another change, and we have a "team bistro" released on vacation. On the way to the cabin ... Someone playing ping-pong.

60. The standard pattern - my "inmate" has already returned to work and rest. He works in the Dining room (a familiar restaurant to us where people are bought with the menu and they bring the food on trays). It is the second contract and received a promotion. There's a complex system, which I will not bore you. One word in Deiningen not work very easily.

61. I changed clothes and went to the gym, work out a little bit. I go into the guest trenazherku which is on the 12th deck. Near the elevator standard ads.





66. Paul first I came back out of the room and drink-protein milkshake.

67. Has decided to still go to the dining room. At this time we have "night owl." From all this I want to only fish (salmon and tuna), I usually take ...

68. ... but I refused, because they do not venture to interfere with fish and recently drunk milk. I went back to the cabin.

69. The day was long. Time to sleep. Tomorrow at 7 to work.



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