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Our cruise ship was built 18 months and it cost the company Holland-America Line at 445 million dollars. To be honest, I thought that the ship of this size and with such a rich finish is much more expensive, but in fact its price was equal to only two aircraft Boeing 777.

This was my 6th cruise, but the first time I managed to get through the door with the inscription «Staff only». At this time, for 13 lucky people on the ship made a four-hour tour of the backstage vessel. We have been in the engine room, galley, in the dressing room, laundry room, locksmith, in warehouses and in almost all utility room. We looked at how and where the sailors live. Completed a tour on the bridge.

02. Our ship was built in shipyards in Venice Finkanteri. This is the fourth ship named New-Amsterdam, the company Halland-America Line. That is, when the vehicle is out of date, and it usually occurs 25-30 years after construction, it sold some poorer cruise company, and currently building a new ship of the same name.

03. Bypassing the ship we started with dressing rooms. Every night on the ship in the great hall passes 2 representation. They are satisfied with professional actors, constantly living on the ship:

04. Employ all the artists in Los Angeles, and the casting takes place with the same rigor as for the Broadway musicals:

05. None of the show throughout the cruise will not be repeated, respectively, props and costumes for each of them are stored behind the scenes:


07. The lower deck of the ship are divided into 5 parts massive bulkheads (klinketami):

08. In the case of an extraordinary situation they are closed and walk along the vessel is no longer possible. Between the bulkheads can only move up or down. They slowly closed and controlled from the bridge, that is, if you dawdled and came under klinket, it will not stop and will close crush you.

Safety these doors are always closed in the port where the ship is moored or moving away from the dock:

09. Uniforms for the whole team, including the captain, sew directly on the vessel:

10. Every day aboard wash bedding and tons of things guests. For this purpose, the lower decks are few large aggregates, which are installed during construction of the liner:

11. If they fatally broken, then throw them away, you can just cut a hole in the board:


13. There are professional machines for «wet cleaning». I do not quite understand what the process of washing them different from the usual dry, but our guide said that they are much more environmentally friendly and not harmful to the environment:

14. The team of our liner consisted of 798 officers and men. At the same time on board were 1869 passengers, ie for every two passengers joining the staff of the vessel.

On board were present therapist, trauma surgeon and a nurse.

The team his galley, a bar, games room has its own, where they are cut in the Playstation, etc.

All the sailors on the Holland-America Line live two to a cabin, inside which has all the amenities:

15. The officers of living one:

16. All trash falls into a special room where it is sorted by hand and sold for recycling. The money is divided among the sailors (commanding officers did not have to waste). Try as much as possible to sort and sell waste for recycling, and not buried in the ground in a landfill:

17. The old clothes and throw the book donate to the homeless. Once in the world is a disaster - they were among the first sent there clothing and shoes.

Best stewards who help sort out the garbage mess, award additional output or arrange for their bus trips in ports.

As I understand it, there are very serious about the environment. One of the 4 senior officers on board is just the officer to monitor the environment (Enviromental officer):

18. Engine Control actuators Room (ECR) - the heart of the ship:

19. Hence the motor control of the ship and all the other units. Remember in Titanic captain pulled a special pen with a crash, and the workers in the coal boiler room tossed into the furnace? Now everything is controlled by computers:

20. Follow all one person:

21. Note that the switch between. He is now set to Bridge, that is, the responsibility lies on the bridge and there happens Motor Control:

22. Our ship no reverse gear. Instead, the rear has 2 screws on Azimuth thruster (Azipod) that can be rotated 360 degrees. Accordingly, if you need to reverse, the Azipod simply unfold backwards:

23. From the ECR, you can check any sensor on the ship, for example, we looked at what the temperature in my cabin:

24. A ship is air-conditioned. Me on the balcony is not exactly vlezut:

25. Our boat is equipped with 4 shestnadtsatitsilindrovymi and 2 eight-cylinder engines. They all have a V-shape, as can be seen in the photo. Imagine its size?

26. The tanks with diesel fuel under the engine room. Ship refuels in every port, and every couple of weeks. On one liter of fuel our boat is just 22 meters:

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27. Under a blue cover spare piston engine:

28. These devices are all over the engine room - eye wash in case emergency situation:

29. locksmith:

30. Every 12 days on board charged with fresh produce. Something to buy in local ports, but most of the products are delivered from the USA:

31. All bread is baked on board. The bakery round the clock work 6 bakers. Total on board 798 employees, 334 of them, including waiters, working in the nutrition unit:

32. During the dinner, these racks are made to plates with various dishes. Waiters take orders, run up to the kitchen, take a ready-made meals and carry their passengers:

33. Options for all dishes hanging on the wall. The most expensive - Surf and Turf - a piece of juicy beef and lobster on a plate. To feed such a dish costing passengers cruise company in 7000 dollars:

34. Shortly before the dinner, based on the statistics of previous cruises, preparing a certain number of servings of each dish. After the waiter take your order, the information is displayed immediately on the central monitor and serves as a signal for cooks that need to finish this amount corresponding dishes:

35. The captain's cabin is located right next to the bridge:

36. On the bridge is very spacious, not crowded and quiet. In addition there are navigators eyed sailors who constantly look ahead and seek out small wooden boats and ships that are not visible on the radar:

37. Excursion to us spent tall Dutchman (and why the Dutch are high?):

38. The vessel can be controlled by several overlapping ways. Most often, this joystick control here. With it you can perform any maneuvers the ship. Somehow I can not believe that such a large object can be controlled in such a small lever:

39. As I mentioned earlier, our vessel is no reversing control is due to a reversal Azipod 360 degrees. Each of these "cans" manages its propeller:

40. The captain is always on the bridge at the port when docking and otchalivanii. He is assisted by a pilot who's coming on board at each port. The pilot just gives advice and steer the boat captain himself:

41. And here are clearly visible 5 bulkheads, which I spoke first post. Round thing on the glass - it's the janitor special form. Even in heavy rain or when the waves poured windshield, (and it is at the 8th floor), if conventional wipers fail, through this glass can always see what's going to come:

42. All systems are duplicated many times, and the vessel can be controlled from anywhere on the bridge:

43. Despite the fact that we have long been living in the age of computers, still of international courts practice requires conduct logbook and routing on the paper map. This is done to facilitate the debriefing of accidents. All of them! Thank you!



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