Cruise ships of the world

In this collection you'll learn about the ten largest cruise ships in the world. 1. Princess Diamond. The weight of the ship is 116 tons and its length - 294 meters. On board the cruise ship can accommodate 2670 people. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis ship is ten times larger than that of Buckingham Palace. The vessel has more than 700 high-class cabins with balconies.

2. Carnival Dream. This ship weighs 130,000 tons and its length is 306 meters. It can travel 3,646 passengers. This floating amusement park, on board of which there are also several cinemas.

3. Voyajer of the seas. The weight of the ship is 138 tons, the length - 311 meters. On the liner 3114 seats. On board this ship, you can find a TV studio, a skating rink, mini golf course and other entertainment.

4. Celebrity Eclipse. This cruise ship weighs 122,000 tons and its length - 315 meters, which is longer than four Boeing 747, exhibited in a row. The ship has 19 decks plus sundeck, lawn croquet and bocce.

5. Norwegian Epic. It weighs ship 156,000 tons and its length - 329 meters. A cruise ship can accommodate 4,100 passengers. On board is working round the clock delivery of pizza to your room.

6. Splendida. Weight liner is 137,936 tons, and the length - 338 meters. Its capacity - 3274 passengers. The amount of space liner, which is one and a half million square meters, more than the amount of space the Eiffel Tower.

7. Freedom of the Seas. The liner weighs 160 thousand tons, the length - 339 meters. The board can accommodate 3634 passengers. This ship is like a floating water park, as its occupants are all sorts of water sports: there are water slides, lots of swimming pools, jacuzzi, wave simulator, a water park for children and katok.

8. Disney Dream. The weight of this cruise ship is 130 tons and its length - 340 meters. Disney Dream can accommodate 2,500 people and is an almost exact replica of Disneyland in the water space. On board is a huge water park and a cinema.

9. Queen Mary II. The weight of this cruise liner is 151 400 tons, the length - 345 meters. On board can accommodate 2,640 passengers. The length of the vessel can be compared to a length of 80 tour buses set bumper to bumper.

10. Royal Carribean. Oasis of the Seas. The length of this giant ship is 361 meters, and weight - about 223 000 tons. The maximum comfort is can accommodate 5, 4000 passengers. This ship is due to their size, not able to pass through the Panama Canal. Board the ship resembles an amusement park, where every day there are different shou.

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