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Ships and boats - the oldest invention. From antiquity to modern times the great powers sought to have good yields to the seas and oceans. This greatly facilitates trade relations. But the growth of air travel and reducing the mass of shipbuilding turned shore, lonely bays and shipyards in the former greatness of the ghosts of vessels. Now, such a place - a good topic for Wikipedia.


While often dismantle ships for scrap, many remain in rust lonely bays, shoals and shipyards. Meanwhile, the rust from the ships pollute the water and becomes a clear sign of the decaying industrial era of the country. (Following the birth, life and death of twin brother of "Titanic" cruise ship "Britannica").

A large ship like the Titanic or the Britannic, and especially their death romanticized by Hollywood, but the life and death of trade and military courts is not that romantic. Parts of ships covered with rust, and the docks are quiet coves. Some half-submerged, some still hold.

Aircraft carriers and battleships are among the most impressive ships, but their life is not eternal. For example, the Soviet cruiser Murmansk, sank in 1994 while being towed to India to be scrapped, and the German cruiser Hindenburg was deliberately sunk in Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands have. Carriers, in their size, can be compared only to that of marine tankers, and that's why their death did not go unnoticed by the public. The French example did not give its aircraft carrier to India for scrapping

But an aircraft carrier Oriskany successfully sank near Australia ... Now this place is considered the best place for diving.

Of course, the Oriskany had been subjected to a thorough clean-up dives to prevent future environmental problems. But when the cargo ship New Flame collided with a tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar, the first task was to save the ecosystem. Unfortunately, at some point, the ship broke in half.

Ship cemeteries today are much lower than 10 years ago, so. All because of tightening environmental regulations. Ship cemetery on Staten Island at the moment is the most popular and visited place among their own kind. That's graveyard of ships can be transformed into Disneyland for adults boys

And finally, a bit of the Aral Sea, which no longer exists, and the ships have become the real ships of the desert.

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