Most large cargo ships

If there is a need to transport a huge load, or just large volumes of cargo over long distances - an ideal choice for this are cargo ships, despite the fact that they are extremely slow. Thousands of cargo ships ply the seas and oceans each year, providing the biggest turnover of goods and commodities in international trade. There are also special cargo ships, lifts, specially designed for very large oversized cargo, such as drills, or anything else, is so large and heavy that it is impossible to carry on a normal sudne

We already wrote about the largest cruise ships, and now tell you about the giants in the world of transportation. Typically, in these ships, a special platform that can be immersed in water, allowing it to comfortably immerse the oil platform or other vessels. Once loading is complete, the deck is raised and ready to transport cargo to any point mira

The first ship was the heavyweight MV Lichtenfels, built in 1920 by Hansa. Currently, the largest fleet of such ships owned by Dockwise, managing 19 ships, heavy lifts of different types and sizes. The most important customers are the representatives of the oil industry. Throughout its history it has been transported a huge number of platforms and rigs from the construction site to production areas. This method of transportation is about 3-4 times faster than rig can move samorazvertyvaemaya ustanovka

In 2004, the ship Blue Marlin transported the world's largest oil platform and drilling rig 60 000 tonnes over a distance of more than 15 000 nautical miles from Korea to Tehas

Many ships of this class are owned by Dockwise, including three giants - Mighty Servant 1, MV Blue Marlin, and MV Black Marlin. The company is currently building another ship-heavyweight who will have 70% more deck than the largest currently Blue Marlin. The new vessel will be capable of lifting up to 110 000 tons of cargo and transport it at a speed of 14 uzlov

In the photo below the ship company Dockwise - Swan, loads on the platform another vessel:

But Dockwise Tern in the process of loading the oil platform:

Dockwise Black Marlin and another oil platform:

The platform of the ship MV Blue Marlin plunges into the water in preparation for loading:

MV Blue Marlin carries warship after it was damaged by a torpedo:

Blue Marlin and oil platform already shipped to transportirovki

The scope and scale of such ships are staggering, let's just admire these giants, and the goods that they carry:

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