Cruise liner Costa Concordia turned to the Italian landmark

Cruise liner Costa Concordia, which recently crashed near the Italian island of Giglio (Giglio), is striving to become one of the main attractions of the Mediterranean. Despite the fact that during the disaster killed 32 people, 20 of which are still unaccounted for, thousands of tourists from all over the world every day come here to see half-submerged vessel, and take some photographs.

Tourists enjoy travel in such an unusual journey: ferry, ferrying everyone to the island of Giglio, is literally in several tens meters from lying on one side of the liner. Curious travelers the foresight to stock up a picnic lunch to relax on the island, overlooking the Costa Concordia.

Local authorities are concerned about the liner popular among tourists as it in the first place, the scene of the tragedy, not a local landmark. However, tour operators are happy to offer trips to Costa Concordia for a nominal fee of 10 euros and they are very popular among tourists.

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