The other side of ordinary objects in the sculptures of Adam Niklewicz (Adam Niklewicz)


The question of where is born the Muse, the giver of inspiration, there is no definite answer. The fact that this young lady is so nimble and mischievous, is so fond of experiments and madness, that it is sometimes possible to find in the most inappropriate places. For example, in a landfill. Or at a stationery store. And even in the living room of his home. Thus, the Polish-American artist Adam Niklewicz (Adam Niklewicz) draws inspiration from everyday objects that he sees a hundred times a day.


Rugs, tables, dishes, clothes, the most banal, everyday objects evoke the author's desire to create. And not just create and look for new features, give new purpose, thereby creating a non-trivial objects with unique authors style. And here is a sweater not just a sweater, but a real art object, and the plate of food looks so ordinary and familiar as before...


As for the author, he emigrated to the United States in 80 years, and his sculptures calls echo nostalgia, invests in each of his exile sad. Perhaps simple things like sweaters, bowls of soup, a table set for tea, appear to him to be the same family as the familiar childhood objects to a parent at home. And ornate and unusual sculptures based on these simple images symbolize the intertwining of past and future, familiar and strange, ordinary and original.



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