Pathetic attempts to look cool (19 pics + 2 video)

Several unsuccessful cases in which upstart trying to prove himself, seem steep.
But fate does not give such a perk and pulls them to the ground.
It is a pity that due to such suffering of innocent people.

№ 6. Russian roulette ends in tragedy

So that weddings were not really quite boring, people are coming up with their entertainment - bride kidnapping, dancing and playing Russian roulette. What, you never played it at the wedding? When the wedding in Russia, said one groom toast, he came up with a good way to impress all of the guests with their ability to do so. The man pulled out a gun, pointed it into his head and pulled the trigger.

On the Russian weddings often appears the ghost of Darwin

If you have anything to know about the weapon - you may have noticed that the man is not the most intelligent: he chose a self-loading pistol for Russian roulette - a game in which the gun is used, the drum is rotated during the game like roulette. Prior to his presentation, he pulled a bullet from a pistol, so that when he pulled the trigger on the wedding table does not have a new red decoration. It was a drawing of a conventional wedding, on which they would be friends for a long time laughing. Is not that right?

Disastrous results:
Unfortunately, the virus is very contagious debilizm (especially at parties), and this guy did not want to be the only member of the club "shoot himself in the head." He shrugged and looked back gate to find a volunteer who also wants to be a blockhead. One standing next took the gun and repeat the protagonist - that's just this one shot was fired.

Meeting deer and donkey

Fortunately for the victim, his skull hit a rubber bullet. But, unfortunately for him, the bullet has a bullet, so he was hospitalized with severe head injury. The man guessed to bring a gun to the wedding, it was charged with disorderly conduct, as long as there is no article of idiocy.

№ 5. Police, Pornstar gets reprimanded

For James Moss (James Moss), traffic police Tennessee, it was another boring day. While not raced past him a bright pink Honda Accord at speeds exceeding the limit of 30 kilometers per hour. Moss stopped the car in which he found alcohol, pills Vicodin and innocent-looking young girl Barbie Orgazmins.

Hint: it is not a nuclear physicist

Apparently it is not stopped for the first time, so Barbie inadvertently mentioned that she worked in the porn industry. Intrigued Moss sat her in the front seat of his car while he was looking at her laptop breech site, the contents of which (probably pictures with cute dogs) helped her to avoid jail.

Moss threw the pills and alcohol in the next few bushes, and then invited Orgazmins fun with him in his patrol car. If all this sounds more or less the usual behavior of the corrupt police, is to clarify that Moss shot it all on your mobile phone. At the end of the entertainment, Moss came up with a great idea to ask Orgazmins put photos on her blog that when he will tell his friends about it - they believed him.

Disastrous results:
Orgazmins listened Moss and posted on his blog an article about this case and photos-proof.

Worth it.

Unlike other employers, the traffic police Tennessee for some reason does not support the use of time for the removal of their own pornography. Moss was immediately removed from office, and the police began an investigation of the case - "investigation" in this case, "repeated viewing porn with your colleagues».

After the case was in the media, there was a few more women who filed a complaint against indecency Moss, stop their vehicles. Moss was convicted of six cases of malfeasance, two cases of abuse of power, two cases of falsification of evidence and a number of cases where sick from it other police officers. He resigned before the traffic police Tennessee was able to fire him, as a farewell gift began 4 years probation.

I wonder what happened to Orgazmins? Moss still gave her a fine for speeding.

№ 4. The man fought with an alligator and lost

Uezerholt Wallace (Wallace Weatherholt), or as it is called familiar, Captain Wally worked as a guide in the marshes, "the Florida Everglades." His job was to conduct tours through the swamps for tourists who do not want to pay for a trip to Disney World. His responsibilities also included the following to alligator eats too many tourists in the month. Captain Whalley, apparently did not know about the last duty, so that he often drew alligators to their boats to impress their customers.

In the summer of 2012, Wally decided to show the small group of tourists from six people (including children) that you can do interesting things in the swamps. Uezerholt rybёshku lowered into the water and, twitching her, attracted the attention of an alligator.

It is worth thinking head, before engaging in such things

When asked alligator on board (one of the passengers said the alligator forepaws were on the boat), Uezerholt put his foot on the animal's face and pushed him into the water. Sounds cool, does not it? Inspired by his victory Uezerholt hand started beating on the water, inviting alligator in the second round.

Disastrous results:
The only thing that had the brains Wally, so it does not tease the alligator his "little buddy." A few seconds later, the tourists were in the fantasy film, when the marsh monster, remembering that he actually swamp monster, got up and bit his hand Wally. In place of the hands were just hanging pieces of skin and bones. Perhaps such films will not be shown.

Damn, I've just bought this watch.

Later, the authorities managed to trace alligator allegedly lured him out of thousands of his fellow smell, sensing that, the crocodile rushed to sail the boat on all paws, thinking that now feast on fresh human flesh delivery. They got a hand partially digested stomach Uezerholta of alligator - perhaps it was not very nice during this process. After that they were taken as soon as possible the arm to the hospital, where doctors unsuccessfully tried to sew it back.
Now, finding themselves without a hand, Captain Wally would even without $ 500, as feeding a crocodile parts themselves is a crime of the second degree.

№ 3. «Cool» teacher blew his training room

No matter where you are studying, it is likely that at some period of your school year, you will encounter a teacher who is at pains to show that he was "cool." Whether you're a teacher of Russian language, trying (clumsily) to use youth sayings on their lessons, or chemistry teacher who "for fun" has decided to leave the heap of burning dog feces at the door of the teacher of algebra - in every school can find a teacher whose main goal is to to win the recognition of the people who, at least half the age of his or her:

In the Academy "Western Reserve" such a teacher was Julia Praet (Julie Pratt). Praet has taught chemistry and was the most indulgent teacher in the strict boarding school. She ignored the homework has not been strict with estimates, leaving these things to other teachers - "martinet". According to one of his disciples, Praet never forced his students to wear protective goggles or aprons during laboratory work, as they gave the kids kind of geek.

If we prervёm experiment to the end, with us nothing will happen.

During one of the demonstrations held Praet, her 11-year-old son, lit the 4 plates that contain various salts to the students what colors looked flame retardant gives each of them. But the latter plates, did not burn quite impressive, and Praet could not stand such bespontovoy garbage on his lesson. So she grabbed a huge container of methanol and (most likely) said the students gathered around her table "fasten your seat belts».

Disastrous results:
No need to have a degree in chemistry to understand that ethanol plus an open flame equals something very bad. The vessel exploded half meter ball of fire and folly, and the disciples Chen Cecilia (Cecilia Chen) and Weber Kales (Calais Weber) received burns from the explosion. Praet heroically grabbed the only fire blanket in the cabinet and covered them his son, and then told the rest of the students take their asses out of the room - leaving Jong and Weber to get out on their own.

Remember kids, teachers expression "No one will be left behind" refers only to the results of tests.

Affected students, of course, awarded the huge compensation for their terrible injuries from which they will be treated over the years, through many operations to get back to a normal lifestyle. Meanwhile Praet came back to the academy "Western Reserve" and continues to be "cool" teacher.

Number 2 Drowning jetpack running water

If you frequently see news reports, you are familiar with the term "opening segment" - a small story that show themselves to the news to get your attention.

During the exhibition of yachts and boats in San Diego in 2001, a man named John decided to show off his new toy, jetpacks water Dzhetlef Flyer (Jetlev-Flyer), and reporter Matt Johnson (Matt Johnson) with the Fox 5 considered it good story for an introductory segment. A large number of spectators for John, show a good start for Matt - and everyone is happy!

Disastrous results:

It started normally. Matt introduced his hero and handed the microphone to John for the show. We must pay tribute to John, he had time to say his line, "It all starts right now!" While he was flying in the direction of Matt, who somehow managed to pursue a professional smile, even when he was about was to get a strong head water in the face.

Thus began a career of many journalists

The operator quickly switched to the long-range plan to capture the triumphant flight supermensky John, but the shot hit the only downfall of John in the waters of the Port of San Diego.

The camera switches to the news anchors, who reacted in the same way as all the viewers:

Fortunately for John, the news team was able to calm down and he still was able to prove that Jetley Flyer works fine, flying, like James Bond over the water. If you ever wanted to pokuvyrkatsya television with rocket backpack, you can buy it for a "small" price of 100 thousand dollars.

№ 1. Ego captain cruise ship sank

Francesco Schettino (Francesco Schettino), the captain of Costa Concordia (Costa Concordia), became known for his weakness for beautiful women and a tendency to run away from the bridge during a dangerous, unjustified maneuvers, which he commanded to perform.

And he too steep macho, to fasten the top button

What happened next is known to all: during a cruise in January 2012, the Costa Concordia sailed on its regular route along the coast of the island of Giglio (Giglio). But the captain was bored just go to a safe distance from the shoal - he decided to show off his ship to the inhabitants of the island. Valiant captain ordered to sail as close as possible next to the island and a hoot to beep for tourists who are on the coast.

And while the team has been busy for the most dangerous maneuver of the ship, Schettino had dinner with a young girl, which he bragged about his dangerous job captain, sipping a drink.

Disastrous results:
If you are at least sometimes watch the news, you know what it was all over:

Captain Schettino insisted that everything was under control

It turns out, not far from the shore of the island, you can often stumble on the reefs and rocks. Who knew? Surprisingly, these stones are also the cause of the shipwreck, the capital of which is too brave to swim to him.

These vile and stones have spoiled dinner gallant captain, making a huge hole in the ship's hull. After the initial clashes, one member of the ship's crew told the passengers that the ship just a small problem with electricity, and let them not think that tons of seawater rushed into the lower compartment. After it became clear that the ship end Schettino did what anyone would have done the Captain Hero, given the circumstances, he climbed into the lifeboat, but the ship were hundreds more passengers. Schettino refused to return to the ship even after the administration of the ports of Italy several times told him to "stop being a cattle».

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