Alaska and back

The first emotion is usually the most striking, though, places like Alaska, I remember as vividly years later. Stunning nature, which does not leave anyone indifferent. I very much want to share with you all at once, but then the size of the blog post will be stretched to a small book. So I want to start with a review fotoanonsa.

Alaska - it is the glaciers, mountains, gold rush, delicious salmon, bears and whales ... and even Seattle, Vancouver and even Amsterdam. The main thing - to choose the right flight leyoverami good in a way.

Well dvenadtsatipalubny huge cruise ship, I will talk about the nuances and pitfalls (though few) both in terms of passenger and show a bit of insider information, tell you about the life of the crew, which is 6-8 months at sea.

50 foto viavia livejournal

2. Probably the net two days I spent on the search for the flight at the best value, but still interesting leyoverami the way. After each stop - this is another little trip. This time the choice fell on American Delta. Kiev-Amsterdam-Seattle-Vancouver - such a route I had on the way there.

But back to Anchorage, Minneapolis, Amsterdam, Kiev.
At the same time docked in Minneapolis was 45 minutes, I was mentally prepared to see Minneapolis, but the shuttle had to make not only me, but also luggage :)

3. There is an opinion that American Airlines - the most terrible, but I do try to choose them for Transatlantic last. But the experience of flying with Delta was beautiful! Newbie A330 to Europe within nenovenky but pleasant Boeing 757, a great crew. Delicious variety of food and even free alcohol, including sturdy, transatlantic segments! In general, you need to move away from the stereotypes and try different airlines. Be sure to tell you more about the Delta and about United, who once flew to New York from Munich.

4. KLMom early departure from Kiev, at 10 am departure from Amsterdam, ten-flight and ... voila, in the same 11 I am in Seattle :) And full daylight in this stunning city. I am here for the third time and knowing that without a car in America is difficult to receive a small Hyundai for $ 35 a day and the road.

5. First Aviation Museum, which is located near Boeing Field, where we met a brand new Boeing 737 UTair last October.

One of the Concorde British Airways:

6. Then Falls Snoqualmie Falls from the film "Twin Peaks." I saw them during the harsh winter, and now looked and sunny summer. Very strong and beautiful place. In general, the nature of Washington amazing! Behind this is coming to America!

7. Proepzhaya past the Boeing plant in Everett caught in the frame Dreamlifter:

8. And then he even drove about fifty meters from me on taxiways:

9. For a delicious lunch in the restaurant alyaskinskinskim salmon «Ivars» in Mukilteo.

And in the evening in downtown Seattle and the sunset from the observation of the famous Space Needle. After the "Sleepless in Seattle" with Tom Hanks States this city for me was and still is the most romantic. But without romance in travel is impossible!

10. At 23.00 the flight to Vancouver, a flight of 1 hour turbopropellernom Bombardier airlines Alaskan Airlines.

Vancouver ... what a stunningly beautiful and photogenic city! The mountains in the snow around the sea, fjords, lighthouses, a huge park-forest right in the heart of downtown! Look and feel just hit the key. We decided not to go to Whistler mountains, leaving it on a separate trip, and just walked around the city and enjoy this wonderful symbiosis of nature and skyscrapers:


12. But most importantly, it is the morning flight to the seaplane airline Harbor Air over the city:

And around 13:

14. On the right in this picture - in the port is waiting for cruise ship Celebrity Millenium, planting of which begins in a few hours:

15. Cruise Alaska - is the budget way to get here. Do not think about the logistics and movements (and it is mostly only aircraft), no need to think of the hotel (which is very expensive), no need to unpack every city finally!

Reusable delicious food in the many restaurants, entertainment. But even this is not important, the main thing will be lower. In general, everything is sure to tell and show.

The cost - 650 $ c man with fees and taxes. And that's not taking into account all sorts of promotions and sales, which periodically come to me in the mail.

So now I'm thinking about taking a cruise to Norway, it is one of the most low-priced way to see the fjords from the inside.

16. I will show life in front cruise:

17. The downside - the theatrical backstage, dressing room, motor control center, the deck, where the crew is living, the kitchen and the bridge:

18. I talked to our guys in the crew, they told a lot about the life of a cruise in terms of personnel.

19. The bridge:

20. We sailed on such a linear path:

21. Ketchikan, the first port in Alaska. No need to listen to stories about pops tourist destinations. Of course, the first street near the port is filled with all kinds of shops useless tinsel, but the move is just one block from the center and you will find yourself in a very cozy America:


23. Here, we went kayaking and looking out for bears on the shore. Bruins was not, but the sea lion met directly in a few meters away from a kayak.

24. In Alaska, probably every second person has a seaplane. The airport on the island, around the mountains, and from the airport to their plane and into the village.

25. Glacier Mendenhol. To say that it is beautiful - it's nothing to say. You can not take your eyes off this icy infinity ...


27. The fauna of Alaska - the subject of many tours. Many of them are unreasonably expensive, so you should very carefully approach the selection of tour. We swam whale watching ... saw only one, I did not take off in time, gasped a huge tail above the water and forget about the camera. But a few times to see whales cruise ship :)

The whales, killer whales, they are closer to the dolphins:

28. Of course the photo here of anything into small speedboat swim parallel to the pack when the incredible beauty around the fjords - it's amazing!


30. Rookery sea lion cubs:

31. Gold Rush - is a very interesting historical phenomenon in the history of the United States and Canada,

32. The town of Skagway - the gateway to the Klondike:

33. 100 thousand people went for the gold ... only 4000 of them found something.

34. White Pass train - one of the strongest impressions I had. With my love to the narrow-gauge railway and species Jelen roads - it is currently the most interesting part. And then we finally saw the bear :)

35. Do you see the little train to the left in the picture ?! Every next turn even more impressive than the previous one!

36. Glacier Hubbard. There is no port, a vast array of ice goes straight into the fjord

37. The silence was only interrupted by the deafening crack of the ice wall that collapses into the ocean:



40. The final point was Seward, two hours away on the most beautiful highway Alsyaki, but there was a rain and I kept a picture in my memory. In Anchorage near the airport there is a very nice small and cozy Aviation Museum:


42. Anchorage flight Minneapolis-Amsterdam-Kiev:

43. In Amsterdam between flights I was laid leyover 7:00. I was in Amsterdam many times, but if possible, try to go to the city between flights, as the airport is just 15 minutes by train.

This is a very pleasant town for a glass of beer on the banks of canals summer day. And I recommend a photo exhibition in the city archives (before September 15) and the Museum of Photography.


45.V Schiphol has a wonderful terrace for avialyubiteley with children's playground, bar, restaurant and even a real Fokker!

46. ​​

47. And of Amsterdam on a palm from the window on the way to Kiev:

48. All this will be separate reports with all yavkami and passwords.
But there is a cruise something that no other way of moving on travel - a view from the window or from the deck!
Always different, always the sea, sunsets and sunrises, the white nights of Alaska or the full moon's equator. Without the hustle and bustle.
A time when the world around can wait.

And that is priceless!


50. Such a sweet infinity ... it was probably my first trip without hurry, time pressure and tight timing, and the like were able to see many things and have time!

All infinity in a martini glass:


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