The lease term expired in Alaska in 1957

On the sale of Alaska go thousands of myths. Many believe that it has sold more Catherine II. The official version of the story that Alaska was sold by order of Tsar Alexander II, a baron Edward A. Stoeckl, who received a Nyo from the US Treasury more checks totaling $ 7, $ 2 million. However, the money to Russia and not come down. And were they all? There is also the view of some historians who believe that Alaska has not been sold, and was leased to the United States for 90 years. And the rental period has expired in Alaska in 1957. This version we will see below.

In 1648, during the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, Dezhnev moved across the strait 86 kilometers wide separating Russia and America, later called the Bering Strait this. In 1732, Mikhail Gvozdev first European to determine the coordinates and mapped 300 kilometers of coast, the coast and described the straits. In 1741, Vitus Bering explored the coast of Alaska. In 1784, Gregory Shelikhov Peninsula masters. He spreads Orthodoxy among the natives-Konyaga. Teaches local residents to the potatoes and turnips. Bases agricultural colony "Glory to Russia". And at the same time it includes Alaska in the number of Russian citizens. Along with Alaska Shelikhov masters merchant Pavel Lebedev-Dove. Russian territory is widened to the south and east.

In 1798 the company merged with Shelikhov Ivan Golikova and Nicholas Mylnikova and became known as the Russian-American Company. The company founded St. Michael's fortress (now Sitka), where she was a primary school yard, the church, the arsenal shops. Each comes the ship, greeted with fireworks as under Peter I.
It was set up libraries and schools. The theater and museum. Local children were taught Russian and French languages, mathematics, geography and so on. N. Four years later the merchant Ivan Kuskov founded in California Fort Ross - the southernmost outpost of the Russian colonies in America. He bought out the local Indian territory, which belonged to Spain. Russia became the European, Asian and American power. The Russian America entered the Aleutian Islands, Alaska and Northern California. The fort had more than 200 citizens of Russia - Creoles, Indians, Aleuts.

On the territory of the banned trade in vodka. For the preservation and reproduction of the number of animals we were strict. British, intruding into Alaska, exterminating all cleaned, solder the natives and bought furs for next to nothing.
In 1803, Rumyantsev, the future chancellor, demanded Russian colonization of America. I urge it to build towns, develop industry, trade, build factories that could use local raw materials. Chamberlain Rezanov said that it is necessary "to invite the Russian Pobol».

While the United States was in fact a minor country that were quite friendly relations with Russia. Thanks to Russian non-interference was the separation of the colony from England. Great Power had hoped thanks to the new state. But in 1819 US Secretary of State Quincy Adams said that all countries in the world must come to terms with the idea that the North American continent - the territory of the United States alone.
He developed the doctrine - "for the reconquest of the American continent at the best Russian weapons are time and patience." In 1821, the North American United States, at that time called the country at the level of the Congress noted a danger to the interests of the country's colonization of the Russian north-west coast of America - Alaska and California.

Released in 1821, Alexander I decree banning foreign ships to approach the Russian settlements in America has caused a storm of protest among Americans. In 1823 it has been finally determined policy of dividing the world into two systems - the doctrine of President Monroe, message to Congress. America just for the United States - Europe for all ostalnyh.17 of April (April 5 to the old calendar) 1824 in St. Petersburg was signed the Convention on the definition of the boundaries of the Russian possessions in North America. The border was established settlements along the 54˚40̕paralleli north latitude.

In the middle of the XIX century in the United States a civil war between northern and southern states. The balance of forces was unequal, armed forces of the South surpassed the North. And then the US president, Lincoln asked for the help of Russian Emperor Alexander II.
Russian Tsar through his Ambassadors informed the French and English sides, that their action against the North would be considered a declaration of war on Russia. At the same time, Alexander II seconded Atlantic squadron under Admiral Popov in the port of New York and Pacific Squadron Admiral Lisowski - in San Francisco. The order was given to attack any fleet, threatening northern states. The king ordered "to be ready to battle with any enemy forces and take command of Lincoln!»
May 26, 1865 the last armed forces of the South were broken, hope to the aid promised by France and Britain back in 1861, has disappeared along with the surrender of General Kirby Smith.

Incredibly, no one bothered to speculations that Russia actually saved America during the Civil War, described in the novel "Gone with the Wind." There is plenty of evidence emerging from a civil war the people who argued orally and in writing at the beginning of the XX century: "As Americans, we should never forget that Russia owe their salvation in the years 1863-1864».
So in fact, the United States due to become an independent Russian independent country. For Russian Help Lincoln had to settle with Russia. Later that between the US and Russia reached an agreement on the transfer of funds by taking out a lease of Alaska, for 90 years.
In the future, the events of this story develops very sad. President Lincoln was killed by an assassin's bullet, and the Russian Emperor Alexander, was killed by terrorists threw a bomb into his carriage. In any case, money for Alaska in Russia no one received and whether this money?

Today it is no secret that the history of science is imprecise and every government rewrites it for yourself. And if, even have a contract of sale Russian Alaska, can we be sure that it is true?
The lease term expired in Alaska in 1957. US with a heavy heart going to give the land back or try to extend the lease for a very good amount. But Nikita Khrushchev actually gave the land America. And only after that, in 1959, Alaska became the 49th US state. Many argue that the agreement on the transfer of Alaska to the ownership of the United States never signed the Soviet Union - as has not been signed by the Russian Empire. Therefore, Alaska, perhaps gratuitously borrowed from Russian.
We know that history does not like subjunctive variances and the past will not return. But the fact that Russia was the land of Alaska in the United States is part of great doubt.



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